Friday, 17 July 2015

Full Steam Ahead

After all my ... "lets get this show on the road" type of post last time. I seem to have forgotten my little blog. But that's not to say things haven't been happening behind the scenes.  Far from it in fact.

Firstly, and this comes with a warning! .... I bought a book by Marie Kondo, called, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying : A simple effective way to banish clutter forever. Well, firstly, I feel I should warn you that if you do buy this book (and it's fabulous). It consumes you. It really does. It's all about pulling everything out and the shock value that, that in turn brings you. You then hold ever item and decided if you really need it.  If not, let it go. Even if its something you've never used, and that's where the guilt we have comes in. You need to thank it (I've not done that lol) and let it go. It served its purpose and made you happy, but now you don't need it.  Clothing is where she suggests you start, but as I'm pretty good at clearing out clothing with the seasons, I didn't start with that.

Before I show you what I did start with, I should explain that we've made a few changes at home.  We have a dining room at the front of our house, which has lovely large bay window. Well the last time we used it was Christmas dinner ... and the time before that, probably Christmas or Easter. So it really wasn't being used properly. Now Simon has a small home office with his computers in, that doesn't actually have a window, and my craft room is upstairs. So as I'm not as keen on being in there when Simon and the bears are downstairs.  So we have decided to put both rooms into the dining room.

I know ... BIG shock, isn't it! and although its still in progress, Its a 1000 times better.

I even cleared the bookshelves

Our charity shop must dread me pulling up and parking outside.

So there you are, this is what I've been up to so far.  I will try and get some of the finished shots soon, but like I say, its still in a work in progress.

Almost forgot, I did move along slightly, and did our kitchen utensil draws too. Tell me, why did I have so many graters!!!

I'll leave this post as that for now, but I will be back soon, as I've realised that I've not shared the past two months project 365 goings on, and its been a busy few months.


  1. Full steam indeed. I'm trying to apply a little analysis to my old scrap supplies and let go of some of them. But the guilt thing has me selling some of it on eBay which slows down the process a great deal. I can wait to see your redone dining room.

  2. I've heard about that book on PRT and I am a little curious! Looks like you've embraced it full on!!

  3. After doing a house move, think I must have a look at this book. Lol about the graters, why do we do things like that.
    Sue xx

  4. I'm so glad you've blogged about this. I noticed you popping up in a few friend's blog comments and thought you might be planning a comeback. Lovely to see you here, as always x

  5. Sounds like good stuff in progress.

  6. How spooky - I bought that book a couple of weeks ago. I've only just started reading it but I am hoping it will help as I do tend to hoard stuff as 'it might come in useful one day' LOL!! Look forward to seeing your progress x

  7. I've requested the book from the library and have been following posts on Facebook and Moneysavingexpert about it, whilst I'm waiting. Glad to hear it's been useful to you. I've done all my clothes, most of the boys and even hubby has got rid of some. Working on craft supplies and paperwork at the moment

  8. Wow! I've read several reviews of this book & am looking forward to reading it soon, too. We've done a little decluttering recently (cookbooks and clothing). Looking forward to seeing how the two rooms combined work out.

  9. I look forward to seeing your repurposed dining room - should be lovely having a space with a bay window.
    I too had a chuckle at the graters - I think my issue would be mugs LOL
    Toni xx

  10. Hi Sandra - Thanks for your blog comment x I will try and take a photo of my scissors later for my Me on Monday post (hopefully I will remember!!). They are Fiskars Softgrip - not sure if they are made anymore but the handles are really large (useful for me as my hands tend to lock up when using small scissors) but the tips are really fine for precision cutting.

  11. I'm afraid that I tend to have a lot of stuff, all over the house. David would buy me that book if he knew it existed (please keep it quiet from him) in the hope that it would cure my untidyness. Unfortunately, I can find time to craft at the expense of doing other things. Looking forward to seeing your uncluttered house - perhaps it will inspire me to have a bit of a sort out.

  12. I've been having a ruthless decluttering session too and it makes me feel great xx


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