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Tuesday, 23 September 2014
I believe the word everyone is using these days is upcycling, or the other term I've heard is Reloved.

I'm not 100% sure of either, I just know I have a lot of furniture that used to belong to my parents, and I'm giving them a lick of paint for the little house.  With that in mind, here is an old cabinet that used to sit in my parents hall, which was filled with trophies from their days playing sports.

So here is the before shot.  It had seen better days, and sadly the fabric at the back had lots of tears in it.  Also, Mum had lost the keys to the locks many years ago.

And here is the after shots. Sorry the light was not great when I photographed it.  I used the Grand Illusions Vintage Paint, in Earl Grey, and then a wax over the top.  The back has been wallpapered with the paper left over from our bedroom. And of course new keys. 

I'm really pleased with it. I had a moment of panic when I started painting it, but I'm sure Mum and Dad would love it. I'm filling it with glasses and putting it under the stairs at the little house.

I have so many of these upcycling projects on the go ... and I'll share more with you.


  1. Sandra, that's fab! My last kitchen had cabinets that colour and I was very sad to leave it behind when we moved. Love the wallpaper too. Now that's upcycling alright!

  2. OMG Sandra, how pretty !! Reloved is just the right word becuase you have put love into giving this cabinet a new what are you going to display in it I ask myself ??

    hugs Diane xx

  3. Oh my goodness, that is just so beautiful :)

  4. The result is beautiful Sandra. Another word is "repurpose" and this lovely cabinet has a new lease of life and a new purpose. Fabulous result.
    Toni xx

  5. That looks absolutely wonderful.....a brilliant piece of upcycling.

  6. What a transformation - you did good!

  7. WOW - great job transforming that piece into something perfect for the little house! I have an old endtable from my parents that I need to re-paint so I can put it in our front room.

  8. i love it, its amazing how a lick of paint can bring an item of furniture into the future :) x

  9. Beautiful job! Would never have thought to put paper at the back x x

  10. I really love it, you did an amazing job x


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