Friday, 4 July 2014

How does your garden grow

Well, not with silver bells and cockle shells, but its doing just fine.

The lovely Jacky had a fabulous post the other day showing us her garden, and honestly, I looked at the photos again and again, they were beautiful.

So I thought, while I was on a blogging roll, I'd share a few snaps from our garden.

Now I honestly never really thought I'd get into garden - and well even though I don't tend to do the weeding or heavy work (I leave that to hubby) I do love pottering around and growing plants from seeds. Our vegetable patch is still a work in progress, as is most of the garden, but then I think that's the beauty of gardening, its always changing.

We had a couple of trees cut down recently, which has allowed a few more plants to start growing; my hydrangea's certainly seem happier. As you can see its not a mature garden, but each year we plant another shrub with the hope that soon it will have all spaces filled.
I certainly love my view when sitting here with my morning coffee. 

I've just planted these Cosmos out ... the ones I did a month or so ago are certainly doing well; I just hope the slugs don't attack these. 
The sweetpea has been slow this year ... I've 3 of these dotted around the garden, as I just love cutting them for the house
Not sure what has happened to the silver anniversary rose that we got as a gift last year. Its flowered but very droopy. I may need to cut it down a bit.
 Mum had a few little gnomes and statues in her garden, so I've moved them into ours and they always bring a smile to my face.

The vegetable patch needs some TLC this weekend, but the potatoes and peas (which you can't see) are doing very well. 

And finally, I'd like to introduce you to George.  He has lived for as long as anyone can remember at The Little House; no one knows where Nan or Grandad got him, just that he was always there. He's been painted a great number of times over the years by Nan. So I suppose I need to give him a paint before he goes back.  We bought him here, as we were worried he might get damaged by the builders. 

So there you are, a little glimpse of our garden. Sorry it was picture heavy, but you know what it's like, once you start snapping, you just can't stop. 


  1. Sandra,your garden looks absolutely wonderful....and as you say.....the beauty of a garden is that it is ever changing and evolving.
    Your vegetable patch is looking in better shape than fact my whole garden is sulking due to our little corner of the south east having had no rain for over a month.
    We have a white rose that looks very similar to yours....the first 3 years we had it it was very droopy.....and I did cut it back each year....but now it is 5 years old it is tallish and straight and doesn't really droop at hopefully yours will do the same.
    I've loved looking round your garden,thanks.

  2. I love a truly British garden......I have to have pots in the main...and I so enjoy seeing mixed planting in beds!...yours is absolutely beautiful...TFS!
    Alison xx

  3. What a wonderfully pretty typical English garden. So lovely. Thanks for all the photos. We've been living somewhere with a handkerchief garden and I've realized that I don't like gardening. I only like the results but neither of us is willing to put in the time! Therefore, we are moving to a flat with a large balcony which is perfect for this plant challenged person. Thanks so much fir sharing. Makes me a little homesick for England!

  4. It's a gorgeous garden: I love the way it curves down to the bottom..much nicer than the stumpy little square we have!

  5. What a beautiful English garden - I will miss that aspect of the UK so much. Thanks for sharing - my garden never looked as beautiful as that, but we did have some nice shrubs. It will be a completely different garden in our new house - certainly must be drought resistant! x

  6. Oh Sandra, what a lovely garden! And a great place you have to sit and enjoy the view & a cup of coffee!

  7. You have a beautiful garden Sandra, I am so jealous!! xx

  8. It's gorgeous Sandra and must be so peaceful to sit in and many things to look and smile at :)

  9. Ur garden is so pretty! Love it!

  10. Your garden is stunning - so lush! Hope it's holding up under the summer heat!

  11. omgoodness your garden is just gorgeous, we have a very large garden and it needs so much work, we've removed so much that the previous owner had done (all not good at all!!) so we're trying to get to a blank slate!
    so much inspiration seeing yours :) x


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