Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Little House update

I thought you might like to see a little house update in photos ... it's coming along so well, and fingers crossed we'll be moving back in towards the end of next month.

A friend recently asked jokingly if it was going to be a mini version of our home in Epsom, and well, actually she's probably not wrong.  We want the house to be our home, not just a holiday home, or weekend home, but somewhere we can just jump in the car, without having to pack or think too much about what we need to take, and just enjoy ourselves and get on with life/

So here you are, here are the latest pictures.

We really couldn't have been any luckier with our builder. He's amazing. Plus, he's always sending me pictures of how its looking.  This photo I took just as we left on Friday ... its where our old shed/garage used to be. Originally, Simon's granddad (who owned the home first) used to build boats.  Anyway, it needed knocking down and rebuilding as to be honest, one shove and it would have fallen down.  Anyway, this is how I left it.

Later that evening, I got a text with a photo from Dean (our builder) as to how it looked at the end of the day. 

He doesn't hang about, does he?

Now, I know some of you really aren't that interested in the build, and I don't blame you one little bit.  So here is a little bit of crafting I've been doing, its not quite finished, but I'm sure you'll get the jist of it.  I'm going to be having a BIG birthday this year (then I'll go back to being 23) but I feel a little lost at the moment, style wise (in my head, I really am only 23). So I've been as usual pinning ideas like mad ... and well that's all well and good, but when I'm out shopping, I need inspiration.  So I decided to print of some of the ideas and outfits that appealed to me the most and put them in this cute little book I made using my silhouette.  I'm really hoping it helps.

And again, if anyone is interested, my Style Pinterest board can be found here.

I'd be really interested to know how you guys get on with fashion ideas, do you ever get blocked as to how you should dress/look .. do you pin, if so, I wouldn't mind taking a look at your boards?

Thanks for letting me waffle on and sorry if this post has been a little photo heavy.


  1. I'm loving the little house updates Sandra, keep them coming. As for style, I know what I like and I have never followed fashion. My every day 'uniform' is jeans and stripey tops, with boots in Autumn/Winter and Converse/flip flops in Spring/Summer, A line skirts and boyfriend cardis. I love dresses but can never seem to find any that fit me well. Being a) not very tall and b) better endowed in the hip region than the bust! My only clothing board if for prospective sewing projects, which you have probably seen already.

    1. I think this is where I struggle, as I'm not a jeans girl. Even though I'm short I do love dresses. So I certainly struggle in winter. I adore the 40's/50's style, but as I get older, I just don't think it's me anymore.

  2. Loving the Little house update x
    I'm a jeans for all seasons type of girl but I'm trying hard to embrace the maxi shirt this year for a cooler smarter look :)

  3. My word your builder doesn't hang about which is rare these days Sandra !! Most of them don't even turn up !! Anyway things look fab and love your style book, sorry but I have NONE !! I'll be 55 this June and still think and laugh like a 5 year old !! Always have been a casual dresser and like my comfort...:) Keep the phoot's coming please...

    hugs Diane xx

  4. The Little House is coming along wonderfully.

    Fashion all seemed so much easier when I worked in a fashion store as everything was just 'there' and you could try different items to see if they suited or if pieces actually worked together. Now I go for comfort and work clothes tend to be quite casual as I have been known to move desks & filing cabinets around rather than wait for porters.

    Toni xx

  5. the little house is coming on in leaps and bounds.... all very exciting! I wish I had a good sense of style...i think I look better when I am a bit slimmer....would love to know what my style is! Usually trousers and a top that covers all the wobbly bits lol!

  6. I think I need a personal shopper, as I seem to struggle to find nice clothes that suit me - too big in the boob department and everywhere else! :lol: (Might be a possibility if I shop in the bigger, smarter department stores in Brisbane, so don't rule that out in the future!) I love your little house updates - before and afters are my all time faves, and I love to know what people choose when they're fitting out their house ... x

  7. The little house is looking amazing! xx

  8. I love all the photos of the house - those window frames are perfect.

    I have always loved clothes, but I do find it harder to choose as I get older. i have a lot of stripey tops at the minute. I'm thinking of keeping up with posting my picture on Mondays becasue that will get me thinking about what I'm appearing in

  9. The Little House is looking good...where is it? (I know you've probably said before!)

    I HATE shopping for clothes, especially as I've put weight on again
    Alison xx

  10. Loving the little house updates. It won't be long before it's al finished and you're enjoying it.

    Fashion...i'm rubbish at it,...tend to wear Jeans apart from work when it's trousers. I haven't worn a skirt in years!

  11. Loving the little house updates too. I like to wear dresses or jeans or jeans with a dress on top.

  12. It looks like the little house is coming along very nicely! I'm a pretty casual dresser most of the time (now that I'm not teaching) - the last few years I've gained weight and really hate my clothes! LOL I've lost 14 pounds so far this year & will be shopping for some new clothes after about 10 more (hopefully right before my birthday in July!). I really don't like to shop, so I chose a day, invite Mama to come shop with me (because she knows what I like) and get it all done as quickly as possible.

  13. That little house is not so little anymore - love seeing the renovations :)

  14. Loving all the house updates and seeing it all come together.

    I really don't enjoy clothes shopping - I know what I like and what suits me but so often can't find it because the shops only stock what some fashion guru dictated about 2 years ago what we should all be wearing this summer. I mainly wear jeans and classic white shirts but try finding a nice white shirt with a collar on at the moment - they are all round neck and collarless. I'm also a pastels girl so hating all the lime green and vile yellow stuff that the shops are full of at the moment.

  15. Glad the builder is such a star - looks like the weather has been kind to him too and allowed him to make good progress!

    I hate shopping, but was quite looking forward to buying some new summer clothes now that I've lost a couple of stone ... but where's the summer?!!?


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