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Friday, 28 March 2014
I've been a dreadful blogger and I'm sorry for that, and I feel bad too that I haven't been doing my rounds of catching up with reading and commenting on blogs. I've missed so much of what's been happening in your lives.

Now, about that, I'd be interested to know how you all manage to comment and read blogs, I worry about falling behind and not being a good blogger friend to you all. So any advice you could give me would be so welcome right now.

So what's been happening with me? Quite a lot actually, and shock horror, I've been crafting, and rather a lot too.  I've been scrapping, working on my Project Life album (bit behind on that), sewing my hexis and of course cleaning up my craft room.

Anyway, I'd like to share some good news with you; we have finally found a builder for the little house. Yes, its been nearly a year since we got planning (still a few niggles to iron out, but nothing dreadful), but its been finding a builder has been so difficult. Still, we've found a gem of one and I'm over the moon. 

For those that don't know; our little house, is our weekend retreat (or will be). It used to be Simon's Nans home and we bought it a few years ago. It literally has the sea at the end of our garden, and we love sitting watching the tide come in and the fishing boats go out. The house has been in the family since the early 1920's and has always had happy memories for all the everyone. Nan, had the most amazing way of making everyone feel at home there, so I'm hoping that continues.

Sadly though, the house has fallen into neglect and although was liveable and we did try to make it our home, it does need a lot of work. So it's going to be pretty much knocked about and bought into the 21st century. The kitchen has been ordered (oh I loved picking the kitchen, soooo much fun), as has the bathroom, and all the furniture as been put into storage, and the builders have already knocked out walls.

So with all this, I'm working on a smash book for all my ideas. The poor builder is always being handed bits of paper with things I've seen on Pinterest, that I'd like, so you can just imagine how he'll feel, when he see's me wandering in with my smash book in hand lol. (and I've gone for a great big A4 size one lol)

So enough of all this waffling, here is the first page of my smash book; I've gone with ideas for our colour scheme, and I'm really enjoying the non structured flow of a smash book ... more to follow.

I promise this blog won't be all about the little house, as I'm going to do its own little blog. I remember reading a blog not so long ago where the blogger had made her blog into a coffee table book. I think something like that would be so much fun at the end of the build. Now just need to find the blog again.

Again thanks for sticking with me, and I'm sorry that I've been a bit flighty with my blog reading and blogging these days.


  1. I love reading what you have been upto Sandra !! I could never do home decore as I can't picture it in my mine, I have to see it all finished and then I can see what is right and what is wrong which is then TOO LATE !! Looking foeward to the next installment !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Look forward to hearing all about the little house rebuild, loving that colour scheme xx

  3. Ack, I just hit sign out instead of comment..

    I've been enjoying your pins with all your ideas so I can't wait to see it all come together. Whenever I see a pin I think ooh, I do love Sandra's taste!

  4. Good luck with the little house, sounds lovely :)

  5. Good luck in the house! I LOVE the colour scheme :)

  6. That sounds lovely... love the colour scheme too.

  7. So glad that its a finally coming together in the little house Sandra, looking forward to seeing it evolve. Love the idea of making a book about it all. xx

  8. It's so lovely to see you back blogging! I can't wait to see how the little house changes and when it's done you can book me in for a week :) x

  9. I read as much as I can on my phone on the Bloglovin app inbetween things (waiting for kids, a bite of lunch at work, making a cup of tea and waiting for the kettle!) Then I try and comment on a few every time but no I can't commit to doing everyones. Look forward to hearing about the little house.

  10. Like Sian, I'm enjoying seeing your pins popping up for the Little House. I try to read blogs in my Reader and comment on as many as I can. Some weeks there just aren't enough hours in the day so I comment on those that regularly comment on mine. Every now and again I have to admit defeat and mark all as read. Good luck finding a happy medium xx

  11. You blog (write/read/comment) as much as you want to Sandra ... I don't reckon the blog comment police will come knocking any time soon!

    I try to make sure that I comment at least once a week on my friends' blogs, but if I don't, there's always next week. If I don't blog much myself, then I probably don't have time for reading/commenting either - I try and balance the amount I write with the number of comments I make IYKWIM.

  12. I think everyone knows that some times we get around a lot and some times we don't! I try to get back to people and comment regularly on those I read frequently, not like shop / manufacturer blogs but it varies. I love the sound of the little house and that colour scheme is great - exciting plans ahead!

  13. good to see you back hun.... we all have times of being busy and then having to decide how many blogs it is feasible to catch up with! Sometimes I just read my fave ones....always friends....others like the manufacturer ones (not that I have many) just get marked as read if I have no time.

  14. As you can see, I'm working my way back on your posts of late! I'm a terrible blog reader and blogger and just go with the flow. There's enough out there for all of us to read so I tend no to worry. I would like to get around to reading more though!

    Your little house sounds so lovely and what a wonderful project for you to manage - the first page of your smash book looks amazing - those colours are fabulous.


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