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Life after Google Reader

Wednesday, 17 July 2013
I'm sorry I've been missing in action again; and I hope someone out there is still reading my blog. 

This post is asking for help; can I ask, what are you using now to read blogs with?  I've downloaded the app for bloglovin and feedly on to my ipad, which is what I used to do all my blog reading from - but neither of them are really clicking with me.  I know, I've been very bad not reading blogs recently, but I'd like to start again, but where!

Although this post hasn't any photos, I'll do a proper post soon; I've been busy, so please don't think I've just been sunbathing in the garden lol (although, I am loving this weather). I've been busy sorting out things for our Silver Wedding Anniversary party - yes, it was a last minute decision, but I'm happy that we're doing it now. Also, I've been on a couple of course recently; crochet, dressmaking and free motion embroidery .... all of which I'll tell you about soon.

If you are still reading; and can help me ... thank you x