Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 .... Here we come!

To say I'm happy to say goodbye to 2011, is an understatement. It's been a sad sad year for me, and I can't really believe I'm entering a new year without Mum & Dad, but I am, and I have to make the best of it. What it has shown me, is that we have to grab hold of life and enjoy it the best we can. So I'll be starting the new year with hope & a positive attitude. My Moto this year is .... Never save anything for best :)

I would like to say a big thank you to you all, for the kindness and support you've all shown me. My blogging friends rock!

Happy New Year to you all .... And cheers, here's to 2012 being amazing.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Time

I'm gently putting my foot back in the door and blogging again.  Firstly, I can't thank you all enough for the lovely kind comments and emails that you've all sent to me regarding the loss of my parents.  I still have very bad days - of which yesterday was one.  But on the whole, days are better and I'm starting to look forward to Christmas. So that's a good sign.

A few things I'd love to share with you - firsty, is the new addition to our family.  Yup, Eddie is now living with us - he was Mum & Dad's dog, although I did walk him and he knew our house fairly well, but he's really settled in well and he's just the best thing to happen to Simon and I this past few months.  Everyone that meets him, falls in love with him, he's just adorable and so loving.  So lying on his new bed, with his new red collar on, he kindly posed for photos for me.  

The only downside of him is .... he follows me EVERYWHERE! he's always two steps behind me - and if I come down from upstairs (where he's not allowed) ... honestly, you'd think he hadn't seen me in ages, he jumps around just like a puppy!  We laugh and say he's a bit like the film "50 first dates" ... he forgets he's just seen you.  I feel so bad for him, he won't settle down and just sleep - no he wanders around with me all the time.  Still, I can't complain, hes far too gorgeous for that, and we love him to bits :)

 Also, I am such an amazing Christmas fan, so first thing this morning, I opened our Advent Calendar, and of course - Eddie had to have his as well. Which was followed very quickly with me opening my day one of the crop Advent swap.  So HUGE thank you to my Santa for the most gorgeous Websters Papers .... yes, I did squeel when I saw them.

I've not been crafting at all but I'm sure once I get back into my blog reading and seeing all the amazing creative ideas my blogging friends have come up with, I'll be using those papers very soon. Also, I hope you all don't mind too - but I opened my google reader to find more than 1000 posts, so please don't think me rude, but I've decided to start afresh from today.