Friday, 13 August 2010

It's returned home

I've been meaning to photograph this for a few weeks now, but my beautiful cj has come home - and I'd like to say a HUGE, HUGE, thank you to the Gotta Chat ladies over on UKS, for making this, one of the most beautiful cj's I own.  Its always fun working on a cj - I love seeing other peoples work, and more so when they're friends.

I called this one "Milk and 2 Sugars" and now, being a true Starbucks girl, I actually based it on, if I visited my friends, where would we go for a coffee ... and it actually NOT being a coffee chain shop!

Anyway, again a big thank you to you all - and Claire, thank you for hosting :)

so here's to the next cj ... yup, I'm up for another LOL.

Front cover ... Milk & 2 Sugars

My Entry
Then Helens
Next was Denise's
Dare I say ... Hazel's (LOL) ... yes, she does say she'll take me to Help the Aged LOL.
Kirsty's ... and there is our Kirsty, herself :)
Jo's came next
followed by Fi's
then Claire's
And finally Clare


  1. Hi Sandra! thanks for dropping over to my blog & taking the time to leave some kind words! I love the CJ..thanks for sharing! Oh...& a belated 'Happy Anniversary'! Blessings...Sandi :)

  2. What a pretty book to own.....but doesn't make you feel hungery and thirsty?

  3. Wow its gorgeous Sandra - no wonder you are keen to do another and a fab subject for a CJ

  4. That is a gorgeous CJ, will you visit the places in there though? Such a lovely thing to have and I might just pinch that idea myself :) xx

  5. Wow, awesome book! All the entries are so pretty and what a great idea for a CJ!

  6. Glad you like the CJ Sandra, I was lucky cos I got to see it completed IRL! Let me know when you want to take a trip to the Ritz for tea ;-)

  7. What a lovely CJ, and I like the topic (and title) too!

  8. Wow Sandra, this is just gorgeous. Si many beautiful elements and detail on this!

  9. Beautiful CJ and what a great excuse to go for coffees :)

  10. Beautiful - so worth the waiting I suspect!
    What a great idea to start with too... :)

  11. hey there! Why have I only just realised you have (of course) your own blog in addition to the Gotta Craft one?! Feeling a little silly... anyway, I love this coffee-inspired project and hope to see more from you soon! x

  12. hello Sandra

    cj looks fab..............i miss my cj days.

    thanks for adding lots of lovely comments to my blog........I have been lacking in mojo for last few months so its great to get nice comments, help with confidence.

    hope you are well...........get on faccey and add me, but great to keep in touch

    angie x

  13. Oh it's gorgeous! Hope you're well!


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