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It's returned home

Friday, 13 August 2010
I've been meaning to photograph this for a few weeks now, but my beautiful cj has come home - and I'd like to say a HUGE, HUGE, thank you to the Gotta Chat ladies over on UKS, for making this, one of the most beautiful cj's I own.  Its always fun working on a cj - I love seeing other peoples work, and more so when they're friends.

I called this one "Milk and 2 Sugars" and now, being a true Starbucks girl, I actually based it on, if I visited my friends, where would we go for a coffee ... and it actually NOT being a coffee chain shop!

Anyway, again a big thank you to you all - and Claire, thank you for hosting :)

so here's to the next cj ... yup, I'm up for another LOL.

Front cover ... Milk & 2 Sugars

My Entry
Then Helens
Next was Denise's
Dare I say ... Hazel's (LOL) ... yes, she does say she'll take me to Help the Aged LOL.
Kirsty's ... and there is our Kirsty, herself :)
Jo's came next
followed by Fi's
then Claire's
And finally Clare