Sunday, 9 May 2010

Finally a layout!

Although I haven't put any layouts on my blog recently, doesn't mean I've been slacking!  The cyber crop over on UKS recently, really got me back in the scrapping mood - and following on from that, I worked on this layout of my sister in law and her horse Christina.  My SIL, is just the most amazing dressage rider - yes I know I'm biased, she's my sister in law after all, so what would you expect!  But honest, but really she is just amazing.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

What an amazing Garden Centre

Having Simon at home on holiday last week, was just wonderful. Not only were we really lucky with the weather, but we just went to some of the most fabulous places ... craft shopping included, I even managed to sneak in a visit to a quilt shop.   But, one of the place we visited, that really was a highlight, was an amazing garden centre that we've often being meaning to visit, but so far have never got around to ... and oh my, was it worth it!  It had some amazing plants, but the real WOW factor were all the knick knacks that were on sale ... oohhh and the coffee shop ... AMAZING.  Honestly, I took so many photos of the place, you'd think I really was on holiday in some overseas country LOL.  Anyway, here are a few to share with you - but if you ever get the chance, do visit Petersham Nurseries, it's well worth the visit.

I'm saying sorry now, for all the photos ... but trust me, I did edit them and thin them out for you all, believe me, I took a whole lot more than this. LOL

And finally the amazing coffee shop, complete with cakes of course!