Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Week 1

I loved the first week of the year, and if that was anything to go by, I'm going to love love love 2017.

So here are the highlights
We saw the new year in at the little house, and stayed a few days longer as Simon had the whole week off. We took the decorations down there and then back home, to take the decorations down here.  I also cleaned and cleared out my craft room, ready to start creating.  Which seems to have worked as I managed to do week one of my project life 2017 album.  

I also wrote up all the Christmas cards that we received, in my mums old book.  I've never been this organised before (its a worry lol)

I also attended the first crop of the year, and even managed a layout there ... what is happening to me! 

I'm trying to catch up with blog reading, so I apologise for any of those that I have missed over the past few weeks. 


  1. Wow you go girl!!! Looking forward to seeing your makes and thank you for sharing xx

  2. Your year has got off to a great start! Long may it continue xx

  3. Sounds like 2017 has started well for you.
    Well done on getting "Week 1" of PL done & dusted.
    Toni xx

  4. That sounds like a wonderful start to the year: bet you enjoyed being blown into January with some fresh sea air

  5. What a great start to the year!

  6. It does sound like a fabulous start to the new year! And I so enjoy seeing your photos on these weekly posts - great photography!!

  7. Yay on week 1 - what a splendid start.

  8. What a great start. PerfectšŸ˜ƒ


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