Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Title Pages

And we're off ......

Off to a flying start that is.  I shared with you my plans in my last post, and while looking back at them realized that I set myself up for failure with having so many ideas on the go at once. So with that in mind, and the fact that I hadn't as yet chosen my own word of the year ... I've now picked it.

Yup, I need to simplify my life ... and by that I mean stop the worrying over silly things. I need to make our home and life work for me and Simon.  De-cluttering and organisation is a major task for me this year, and I think all that falls under my word. I really need to get back to basics.

So I followed Caroline's  idea and put my word in the front of my planner.

Actually, I'm really loving the planner and using it as a creative tool and brain dump, and to help with project life.

Talking of which, I have completed my title page for the 2015 album, and almost week 1 too.

Now, I said earlier that I picked my own word for 2015 ... well, Simon and I always pick a word together too. And really, there could only be one word. AWESOME!

Mainly it came from the Lego movie and the song, "everything is awesome", which we watched over Christmas and couldn't stop singing lol.  So yup, we're hoping this year will be an awesome one for us.

Surprisingly although I did more altering on this page, it came together pretty quickly - I changed a word on the bottom card, from "me" to "us" with painting over it and then using alpha stickers, and sewing shut one of the pockets with sequins in, so they don't fall out all the time.  But my favorite is the quote card that came in a previous Studio Calico kit and I always kept it out ready to use on a special layout or spread and I feel like it pretty much sums up how I feel.

"because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing"

I'll be back with a later post on how I'm using my planner and also my week one of project life ... can you believe we're already in week 3! 


  1. Your planner looks really lovely, as does your PL page :)

  2. Just seen this planner today on a CHA video so will be interested to see how you are using it - fab first page xx

  3. This looks beautiful Sandra. I think you're getting fun just from planning the planning..and that has to be a good thing!

  4. love your page, it makes me smile and feel optimistic for the future xxx

  5. Your PL title page looks wonderful! I put my word in the front of my calendar, too.

  6. What lovely colours on your title page - great way to start the year.
    Toni xx

  7. Great words - I need to simplify too !

  8. The planner looks lovely and I love the colours on your title page. I'm sure this year will be golden.

  9. I really like the colours on your PL page. I am such a sucker for gold in my PL album!

  10. I really love the page you've done. I hope you and Simon have an awesome year xx

  11. Great title page!


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