A little break

Friday, 14 October 2011
I would just like to give you an update as to why I haven't visited any blogs these past few days.  Sadly, I lost my wonderful father on Wednesday.  It was sudden and unexpected, and also not even 4 months after losing my mother. 

So I'm having a bit of time away from the computer to come to terms with it - I do truly understand he's happy now and with mum - he really couldn't live without her.  His heart was just broken with her loss.

Next week is the funeral, and then I'll be back.  Take care all xx

Fabric Choice

Thursday, 6 October 2011
Well just to keep you updated with my quilt ... the fabric choices have been made, I have bought my wadding and I've picked my pattern.  Nothing too complicated, I need this to be as simple as can be, and it needs to motivate me to do it :) The pattern is from the Material Obbsession book, which just has the most gorgeous pictures in it ... it's one of those that each time you turn a page, you fall in love with the next quilt more.

Anyway - I'm ready to go.

I aslo want to show you a layout I did last month of hubby - The photo was taken on the day we went to Buckingham Palace, and the train was packed - goodness knows what people thought of me, sitting on a seat taking photos of this man lol.

I'll be back later this week too, I know shocking huh .... but I've seen on quite a few blogs recently, they've shown their month in pictures - well I have so many pictures from last month, and I thought it might be nice for me to look back on too.

31 days ... and counting

Saturday, 1 October 2011
I’m a procrastinator ... I never used to be. My friends will tell you – I was one of those annoying people that had cards ready to be posted a month before birthdays etc – I had filing all done and dusted before you knew it, and Christmas ... well, that was done and wrapped by the end of October, and I had everything on my lists ticked and done before you could say ... "who's for coffee?" So what on earth happened?

Well, enough is enough – I have a head that is full of ideas – sometimes so many, I feel it could burst! I still write my lists, but sadly I do roll over lists, with items that just never get ticked off. I admire women that seem to do it all, and do it with such ease. So today, it’s the 1st of October ... and I’ve woken up in the little house, with weather that's just so glorious, and a positive attitude. Already this morning, I’ve done my blog reading, and I’m ready to go out ... sadly, I have to wait for the rugby to finish, and by the sounds that hubby is making, I’m not sure he’ll be in such a good mood, but hey, I’m still not giving in.

And so this morning – on part of my blogging tour – I came across .. “newly creative” blog and well, on it a link to 31 days to .... so of course I clicked and followed and oh my, all these amazingly creative people with a plan to do something for all 31 days – well, I’ve checked out most of them – but the one that appeals is the 31 days to a handmade quilt – there were others that appealed too, and some I certainly will follow, but this is the one I’m going to try my best to keep to.

Don’t worry, I won’t show you every step of the way! But maybe it’s the push I really need. I have a quilt that I would say is 30% done, hanging over my sewing machine ... and I have enough gorgeous fabric to make probably a dozen quilts ..... or at least that’s what Hubby says! So I’m going to give it a go. I’ll keep you updated with how I do.