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WOYWW ... a bit of a mess, I think

Wednesday, 9 February 2011
I know, normally I don't play along ... but just love to see what others are up too - to be fair, I think I also use that nosey time to see how others store they yummy craft stuff. But I thought this week, why not play along for a change - I was also wondering why I have a lovely big craft desk but surround myself with so much, that I only have a small place to work LOL. 

Anyway, here are a couple of images;

I'm at present working on a baby card for a neighbour who I found out yesterday had a little boy.  I'm also trying to catch up with the 52 cards and 52q's over on UKS - as well as catch up on my scrapping.  I have so many ideas rattling around in my head - I'm sure it will explode one day!

While working on the 52 cards - I've set myself a challenge to use up all my old stash and the left over bits - so I found a shoe box, and I've filled it, plus if I keep it close to hand, fingers crossed I'll see just the paper's I'm looking for.

Anyway - do head over to Julia's and check out the other WOYWW ... some great things to see :)

Birthday Wishes

Monday, 7 February 2011
Today, was my friend Emma's birthday, and normally Monday is our Costa Coffee get together day ... but well it was a special day, so a trip to the Craft Barn was in order, oh and we had just such a fabulous time ... actually, a bit too good a time, and we lost track of time :)

Anyway, now I can share the card that I made for her.

I will say, we had just the best day ... I mean, does it get better, than spending the day with your best friend, craft shopping, having cake and coffee - and of course, lots of laughing and giggling. 

OOhhh lookie ... an award

Saturday, 5 February 2011
I had a lovely surprise just the other day ... the very talented Andie .. over at Andie's Space gave me a blog award!  Apparently, I have to give 8 facts about myself  .... which is the bit I don't like LOL.  ok, here goes;

  • Being a complete chocoholic, with voilet creams, being my favourite ... I actually give up sweets and chocolate every year for Lent.  Even so far as to not having chocolate sprinkles on my coffee.
  • I've never put petrol into my car ... Simon has always done that for me, and before him, my Dad .. yes, I'm very spoilt LOL
  • Simon and I have been married for nearly 23 years, and we've never spent a night apart.
  • Now the fact that I've been married for near on 23 years is strange as I'm only 23 years old!!!  Yes, I go back to 22 just before my birthday, so on the day I can be 23 AGAIN LOL
  • I am Christmas obsessed ... it can never come too soon for me.
  • I'm a real domestic wannabe ... I adore cooking, baking, and yes even housework.
  • Lists are my obsession ... I'm writing them all the time.  I have several notebooks on the go at the same time.
  • Other than crafting, my big love is Interior Design - our home is my passion, and I'm always tweaking it ... moving furniture or decorating.
Now apparently, I have to share this award with 7 other people, which is very hard to pick just 7 ... I want more LOL! ... but sorry if you're not a fan of awards, don't feel you have to share facts about yourself, but if you do ... can't wait to read them :)

Ok, now to show you one of my favourite photos, that I just had to scrap ... the view is from the little house, and is of our first snow there ... thanks Jo, for coming up with the title ... cold and frosty mooring :)
Think that's it from me for now ... I would also like to say a huge thank you to all of you that leave me such lovely comments, I can't tell you how much you all brighten my day xxx

Card Catch-Up

Tuesday, 1 February 2011
Over on UKS, I joined in the 52 card challenge, started by Paper&Ribbons, and as with everything, I'm having to play catch up!  Each week, we're given 3 prompts, which we use to achieve either a card, tag or similar project.

One of my new years goals was to join in more challenges, so this sounded just right for me. Well, so far I'm up to week 3 .... weeks 4 & 5 will follow soon (I hope).

Week 1 - Embossing/Lilac/Yellow ... those were the prompts ... and here's the card.

Week 2 - Die Cuts/Stripes/Purple (the die-cut, was from a sheet of old BasicGrey Die cut tags, I found hidden away in my stash)

and then week 3, it was Blue/Flourishes/Hello

This project is also helping me use up all those little bits of papers, that I have saved, knowing they'd one day come in handy.