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Weeks 14, 15 and 16

Monday, 24 April 2017
Goodness, I'm shocked how long its been since I blogged!  Well, its certainly been a busy few weeks.

So let me do a catch up; I will be using these posts a memory jogger for me when (not if) I catch up with Project life.

Weeks 14 
Betty got moved this week into her forever home lol.  It took 3 days in all, one day here being dismantled and two days at the little house.  Work continued at the little house on the garden, I can't believe how amazing the chaps are that work there.  The fire was installed this week too. I love love love the oak mantles.

Things that happened here in Epsom, that I loved and made me laugh.  While I shower, I leave the back door open, so the bears can go and come. I keep the gate to the lawn closed; but they have figured out how to open it; which one morning they did; only they don't know how to get back in as the gate opens outwards.  I laughed so much seeing there faces stuck the other side.

Lastly, our lovely neighbour Brenda, made the most amazing cakes, which she shared with us.  I sure will miss our neighbours.

Weeks 15
Well week 15 started really well, sadly it didn't end that way.  So first things first; Simon came home with a beautiful Easter Egg for me, from Fortnum.  The garden was finished this week, and honestly it couldn't be better.  I love it. 

I also packed up my craft room this week, as we need to turn it back to a bedroom. 

My highlight was lunch at the House of Commons.  They open it for a few days each year to the public, and Simon got in early and booked us a lunch.  The food, was amazing as was the venue .... stunning.   The staff too, were so lovely; I asked if I could keep a menu, and she said sadly no ... then she came back and said, if she dropped it, and it fell into my bag, then no one could moan lol.  One for the project life album, for sure.

Now for the bit, that didn't work out well! On Thursday I didn't feel well.  That sure did show itself.  I  got the dreaded Novo Virus.  I have NEVER been that ill; I then sadly, passed it onto Simon.  So that was us done for on Good Friday! We were so so ill.  Not what you want for Easter. 

Week 16

Still, feeling weak this week, but we had far too much to do.  We had a van booked for the Tuesday, and a storage unit too.  Happy, to say its filling up nicely.

Work at the little house is progressing well.  Simon went on Wednesday as the fire installation finally finished; only when he got there, the house had no power! Luckily they fixed it, but not before taking up most of the road.  Simon also installed our new shutters ... I can't wait to see them.

Thursday saw Jo and I take a trip to the Stitch, Sew & Hobbycraft show at Excel.  We usually go twice a year, as for some reason I get sent free tickets.  I will say this was one of the best ones yet.  We both have a new hobby too ... Print Blocking lol.

The weekend was spent catching up on the finishing bits of the house; Painting our back door and the cupboard in the utility room.  Something that has made me smile. UPS delivered some shelving for the little house, and left it with our neighbour as we were out.  Obviously our neighbour or someone mentioned to the driver we were moving; and he wrote the nicest thing on the slip. If you can't read it in the photo.  It says "I hear your moving ... sad times (sad face)"  Yes its going in Project Life.

Ok, I apologies for a long post, and I'll try and keep my blogging more up to date.

Easter Decor

Wednesday, 12 April 2017
Give me a season, reason or holiday .... and I'll decorate for it.

So I'm in full Easter mode here and luckily its only days before I can eat chocolate again.  So, let me share with you how I've decorated my home.
I got this little "e" last year from Hugs and Hearts and the wreath from Waitrose
I've had my Easter tree, what seems like forever. 
I saw this candle holder decor on Pinterest last year, and decided to give the little idea a go.  The bunnies, I got from Tiger a few years ago.  I've dotted them all around the house.  The little nest the bunny is sitting on, is a mini wreath, which I cut to make it larger.  I think it was initially meant to be a napkin ring.
I seem to have gone a little Rabbit mad, haven't I.  Funny, but this little chap came from Sainsbury's last year, and nothing to do with Easter.  The nest, was a purchase this year, from Marks and Spencer.
I told you the bunnies, were everywhere!  My little salt & pepper pot, is another I've had fore ages.  The White company candle is new, and oh my goodness, if you've not tried a White Company candle, I urge you to.  They smell amazing, and last for ages, such great value.  Yes, they're a little expensive, but so worth it. 
Finally, my little wreath; I think this came from a garden centre a few years ago, and it will make it to my door on Good Friday for the Easter Holiday, but for now, its making me smile every evening.

There you have it friends, my Easter decor, this year.

Something that is defiantly new this year, is this gorgeous Easter Egg, and box of chocolates that Simon came home with yesterday.  Oh I know, I'm spoilt and these are my absolute favourite chocolates.  Happy Me, for sure.


Week 13

Tuesday, 4 April 2017
Its been a busy week at the little house, but more on that later.

At this end, I had to pick up my new reading glasses during the week from Kingston, and I may have done a little shopping, while at it.  I've been after one of these pom pom throws since before Christmas.  Initially I've been after the grey one, but they sold out almost instantly.  Well after much umm'ing and aaahhh'ing, I ended up going with the cream, as will fit in with the new house.  Now just keeping it wrapped up for our move.

I also, started putting out my Easter decorations (still faffing, this week, and I have in mind a new blog post on that)

I also ordered some cards of the bears, and these came .... oh they're perfect. The lovely thing about ordering from small businesses, is the personal touch you get.  She included two bono's for the bears.  

I've also started going through boxes and boxes of photos, that I have.  Most of them were Mum& Dad's, and it was lovely to be reminded of such happy times.  I also had a wonderful chat on messenger with my cousins in Australia, about them, as I kept taking photos of certain ones, and sharing them with them.  You've got love the power of social media, that I can still talk with my family even when they're so far away.  That was truly the highlight of my week. 
Another highlight has been all the work that has started at the little house.  Its all happening so fast, and I can't fault the dedication of the workmen, one bit.
What you see above is obviously that work on the garden has started. They've taken up all the old concrete and paving stones, and fixed new fence posts.  They've also done one coat of black paint on the fence; and started the wall for the raised seating area.  Also, they've built my little raised flower bed.

We've had two days of work on the fireplace too.  With the holes being made bigger to accommodate a larger wood burner; and also new fire sounds.  They've removed the old (which was put in wrong by our original builders) and will be back this week to fit the new stove.

Also, we had a lot of damp in the house.  Our original builders while making the openings bigger, removed and forgot to put back a lot of the damp course; so we've had damp specialists in, and they've been doing that.  Again, another 2 days of work needed on it. They have to work in sections, allowing bits to dry out.

So there you have it.  It's been all go go go ...... Betty gets installed at the little house this week, so we had our last Sunday dinner on her here, then she got turned off for the first time.

Thank you for sticking with the long post, have a great week friends.