Weeks 34 and 35

Monday, 29 August 2016
oopppss, sorry I've been missing a few weeks of blogging, but I'm back now ... so lets see, what's been happening.  Well, lets start with week 34

The start of it saw me having to say goodbye to my dearest friend Sue.  We've known each other forever, or at least thats how it feels.  I met her straight after leaving school and she's been a big part of my life ever since.  We grew up together, if you like.  But she's off to pastures new, a whole new and exciting adventure in France. Yes, I know I should be oh so happy for her, but I hate the fact that she's not going to be down the road to me, or even within driving distance.  It was a very upsetting day for me, but I know its going to be quite some adventure for her, so I'll put on a brave face. 

Also this week, I went for coffee with Maria, and finally sorted out my planning and home organisation desk.  We then took off to the little house for the start of Simon's week off.  The traffic on the way was a nightmare, and when we got there, it was quite cold and windy but boy that sure  did change. 

Ok, now onto week 35

Simon had last week off, and we couldn't have been luckier with the weather.  Actually, we ended up staying longer at the little house, hoping it would catch the sea breeze and be cooler. No such thing, in fact, Kent was the hottest place in the UK.  

A quick rundown .... We took a car full to the charity shop. Took Simon's mum to sittingbourne for a look around, and the funniest of things happened while in Dunelm store.  A lady came up to me and asked if I was "Sandra" ... She said she recognised me from Instagram and even saw Simon walking around the store.  She was such a lovely lady, I'm glad I met her. 

As it was so hot, we put a washing up bowl down for the bears to paddle in. Bertie loved it, Molly wasn't so sure. I did some quilting; Although not easy with Molly on my lap.  The Great British Bake off started, and I'm already hooked. 

We then came home, as the bears had their 6 month check up at the vet. As it was National Dog day, we called into a little coffee shop with the bears, who behaved very well (Bertie, is going through a difficult stage, so may need to see a behaviourist).

Back home, we've decided to have a good makeover of our home, starting with lightening it up, so I've been looking at paint samples.  Saturday saw us go to the Farrow and Ball store to buy our paint, and of course stop for a coffee out. 

There you have it .... our past couple of weeks.  Simon is back at work this week, because of a mix up with one of his partners. Instead, he is now taking next week off and the one after that.  So hoping we can get on with using the paint and making the changes we have planned. 

I hope you've all had a lovely few week; and are enjoying the summer holidays.  I can't believe that today was the last bank holiday till Christmas.  Enjoy your week friends, and I apologies for not getting around to visiting your blogs. I'm hoping to have a little catch up over the next few days. 

Week 33 ....The week that was

Monday, 15 August 2016
spent getting back into my organising routine. 
Well the first few days were spent at the little house.  We had a long weekend there, and the weather couldn't have been better.  On the Monday, we walked the bears down to the post office, and stopped at a new B&B that had opened for a coffee.  They were so lovely and let us take the dogs into the garden, so to get away from the traffic.  We'll certainly be visiting again.

Then our neighbours came back, so my cat feeding duties came to an end, but I did get a lovely candle from SeaSalt as a thank you. The bears too, got a little holiday gift, from their Aunty Maria. 

My sew-a-long starts this week, so I happily got my desk all sorted. I think I may need a few other bits, but I may have enough to get started. 

The bears too, got a new toy and surprise surprise, its still in one piece. 

On Friday night Colin and Maria came over for dinner. I know I've said it before, but goodness, we're just so so lucky to have friends as our neighbours.  

I then made some bread for the first time ... ok, I think I need practice. It didn't really rise very well.

So there you have it, another week gone.  It's been a sad day for me today, I saw a friend who I've known for the longest time, and she's moving to France.  I know she'll be happy, and is great adventure, plus its not forever, but it was sad knowing we won't be in the same country.  

Have a great week friends. 

Week 32 ... The week that was

Monday, 8 August 2016
just for pottering around. 

I would like to have shared a photo of Sasha, who belongs to Maria, my next door neighbour. I was going in and feeding her, while they were on holiday, but sadly Sasha only makes her presence known to me in the form of empty bowls and a full litter tray lol.  I'm sure she knows my voice, which could be an indication of why she went into hiding, but I do love chatting with her, while I'm sorting out her amenities. 

So other than that, not a lot happened during the week
I enjoyed sitting on the new garden furniture in between rain showers and some new china that I ordered for the little house, arrived just in time for our visit.  

We have then spent a long weekend at the little house. Sadly Simon wasn't too well on Thursday evening, or Saturday evening. So it's been a very lazy chilled out visit.  I did manage to do some sewing, and in between bouts of illness, we took the bears walking along the sea wall.  

Not a lot planned for this week, but as its started off on a nice note, with an extra day being spent at the little house. 

Wishing you all a lovely week friends. 

Week 31 ... The week that was

Monday, 1 August 2016
For celebrating.

That's right, as it was our 28th wedding anniversary, last Saturday. It really doesn't seem possible. I can still remember the day so clearly, and all the lovely people that made it so special for us.
So also last week, we finally got some new furniture for our gazebo. We've been looking for ages, and finally found some online.  One of the boxes was too large to come through the house, but the chaps delivering it were so good, they unpacked it on the drive and bought it through. Even took the packaging away.

I also decided to get my hair cut, and it feels so much better ... also back to having blonde highlights again, which makes me happier.

That brings us back to our anniversary, where we took ourselves off to Cranleigh in the morning for a little wander around, and then back home to put the furniture together.  Simon surprised me with a beautiful rose bush in an Emma Bridgewater jug. I also got my first hogben pottery mug, and feel it could be the start of a new love for me lol.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I'm doing a little cat feeding, for my neighbours cat, only she's being elusive in the photography department, but I'm hopeful.