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Week 17 .... The Week that was

Tuesday, 26 April 2016
Back on track, and by that I mean, back on track with decluttering and healthy eating.

I'm wondering if the little glimpse of sun that we had, made me feel like spring cleaning everything.

Anyway, here are the highlights

So lets see, Simon got me a new cookbook from Slimming World and I can say the beetroot houmous was yum.  The bears enjoyed the sun in the mornings, and Bertie needs reading lesson.

Like I say, I'm back on the Marie Kondo decluttering method (yes, those 3 storage boxes do say, Pre-Christmas). I'm still painting the kitchen. I got a few summer clothing basics. Maria came over and played tug-of-war with the bears (Bertie won).  The Queen turned 90 and it was St. Georges Day on the Saturday.

So all in all, a lovely week.

I hope you're all enjoying your week.

GROWTH ... My one little word

Thursday, 21 April 2016
So, its been 4 months into my word for 2016, the original post can be found HERE and explains the reasoning behind my word.

So, how am I doing? Good and bad really,

On the whole, I've certainly been doing more than I did probably throughout last year. I feel a bit more confident in what I want to achieve too.  I've been meeting up with friends more and even made a few new ones. So, lets start;

G = Gain Knowledge. I haven't as yet learnt to crochet or knit, but I have learnt a lot about painting furniture.

R - Read. I've read more in the past 4 months than last year combined.  So far, I've completed 4 fiction books and have started picking up and looking at my sewing and home design books too.  I've even almost finished the Marie Kondo book on decluttering.

O - Organisation and Decluttering.  That's stalled slightly, but I'm feeling full of get up and go again with this, and hoping to get back into this, this week actually.

W - Wellbeing.  Now, this is defiantly in the bad camp.  I've actually put on a few pounds, but that's mainly been due to baking more. So I need to get back into Slimming world too. Simons been slowing losing weight, but at not the rate he should be; so I do need to get back on track.

T - Technology.  Well, this really has been going by leaps and bounds.  I started blogging with my friend Maria, on our new blog Friends over the Fence. So I've certainly been learning a thing or two about that. Attaching, IG and Twitter accounts.  I've also been growing my own IG account.  So all in all, I'm pleased with that. I'm also using my apple mac now rather than my old PC

H - Home. Huge changes.  I've started painting the kitchen and so pleased with it. I'm still trying to buy an Aga but goodness, they're not an easy company to do business with.

There you have it.  Not a bad start I think, especially only 4 months into it.  Lets see what the next 4 bring.  Hopefully more crafting and an Aga.

Week 16 .... The week that was

Monday, 18 April 2016

I met up with a lady that lives around the corner, and who I can just tell, will become a good friend. I met up with these two gorgeous pups and their mummy. Pilate's started again, which meant I had a lovely chat with Maria.  The doors went back on to part of the kitchen, and I'm over the moon with the effect.  Looking forward to painting more of it.  Sadly, my PayPal account got hacked again, so days and days of trying to explain to them, I'm not a gamer, and I don't stay up until the early hours buying gaming vouchers, has finally paid off, and they've agreed that it was fraudulent transactions.

Then on Thursday, we set off to the little house, and although at the very start the weather was dreadful, it soon changed and goodness the past two days have been beautiful. We had my mum in law over for dinner, and also I got to spend some time with Simon's cousin, who I adore.  So all in a lovely visit.
There you have it, my week.  I've also decided to start back on my decluttering kick, which will help when I'm clearing the kitchen too, for more painting. 

Have a lovely week friends. 

Week 15 .... the week that was

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I'll be honest, most of my weeks are pretty much the same as everyone else's and not out a whole lot, but last week, I had two lovely events to attend.

Here are the highlights.
The weather is improving during the day, so much so, I had my first coffee while sitting in the garden.

The nights are still chilly though, and I so love having the wood burner. 

Such a hard life being a bear

Then my week really improved .... I went along to a baking demonstration on the aga.  I'm totally in love with it. Just the decision of 2 or 3 ovens. 

Then Friday, it really peaked ... I spent the day with Jo, at the Hobbycraft fair at Excel.  

What a great week, how will I top that this week. 

Week 14 ... The week that was

Tuesday, 5 April 2016
When we finally got started.  Started with our home renovations, that is.

Simon was off this week too, and although at the start of it, still not feeling great, we managed to get some things done.
The chocolates from Easter are amazing, and I've got a plan for the pretty lid.
Clever Sian, noticed the other day, that my dolls house is finally out of the box. Well we did a dry fit, and now I just need to prime it, ready for painting and lighting. I'll be back with posts about it.
I've been feeling a little lost, style wise. So I bought a few new bits in Kingston the other day. In shops I'd never normally shop in too.
We took the doors off the top cabinet to start painting. We are having to do it bit by bit, and out of the way of puppy teeth.
We took the bears to the park and they've been having such a lovely time playing.  We don't actually let them off the lead as such, as their recall is still non existent. But we drop the long line training leads, and they've loved it.  Molly always gets herself completely messy. She's a real tom boy
Our dining room has become our painting workroom

Yay. First time this spring, I've actually been out of boots and my heavy coat.
Loving how its starting to look.
Saturday night saw us going next door for dinner.  We are so incredibly lucky to have such good friends as neighbours. The table setting was beautiful as was the food.

Sorry this blog post has been a bit late in going up, painting has taken over my life.

Have a lovely week friends.

Goodbye March .... Hello April

Friday, 1 April 2016
I can't say I'll be sorry to say goodbye to March as it was filled with sickness bugs.  Even still, it wasn't all that bad.

Here's a quick re-cap
Friends over the Fence blog went live. Oh and I'm loving it, which did also mean I got to spend quite a lot of time with Maria.  I got quite a lot of scrapbooking in; We spent time at the little house; and Simon's cousin took in a new rescue dog called Olive ... she's adorable.

Mum and Dad would have celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  Sadly Simon got a dreadful cold, and then a sickness bug; we went to a lovely spring brocante.  Sadness over Belgium, and then finally we started painting the kitchen cabinets, and my dolls house.

There you have it. Like I say, it was a sad month, but also had its positive moments.

Lets hope April is a good month, its started out nicely as its lovely and sunny today.