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Week 13 ... The week that was

Monday, 28 March 2016
filled with more sick days and awful world events.

I didn't go on my usual coffee morning with Emma, nor did I go along to Pilates, as Simon had managed to pass onto me his horrible cold bug, and coughing and spluttering, really isn't what anyone wants to here.

So instead, I stayed in with these two as company

I know it looks like they sleep alot, but that's probably the only time I can catch them on camera ....otherwise, its wizzing around after them.

I did get very very spoilt this Easter.  Simon bought me these for the little house
And my all time favourite chocolates, from Fortnum & Mason.  Apparently, the Egg is from him, and the box of chocolates are from the bears.
Easter Friday, saw us just chilling at home.  The bears are allowed upstairs occasionally, not to sleep, but just to get used to being around the house.  Molly in particular, is very taken by my hairdryer .. well, she is a girl.
Sadly on Saturday, Simon came down with the most awful and violent stomach flu.  Luckily it was a 24 hour bug, but his carers did a good job of guarding him.
And then yesterday, it was a quite Easter for us.  Especially as Simon still wasn't feeling too good.

But my lovely lovely blogging and instagram friend Caroline, sent me the most beautiful Easter bunting, so it has certainly cheered up my fireplace.
There you have it, a quite week, and one filled with sadness too at the awful events that have unfolded in Belgium and Lahore this past few days.  It is so heartbreaking.

Stay safe lovely friends.

Project .... Use your stash

Saturday, 26 March 2016
I've recently been watching lots of videos on YouTube about making up kits from your own stash. One in particular is a woman who's channel is called nicmackin who makes up kits from her stash and calls it Project, Use your stash. 

So armed with that and with the latest Cocoa Daisy kit which came just the other day, I put one together.
This is the cocoa daisy kit which I'm using as my base, and the cut apart paper was my starting point. 
I included lots of thickers and smaller alphabets, as well as some old Echo Park sticker sheets.
Added more Bazzill 
And then went through my paper collection.  I have a dreadful habit of saving the papers I really love and not wanting to use them, but I thought with this exercise, it would be a good chance to actually use those lovely papers and scraps I've saved. I also included some really old papers, and even old velums I found.
I then went embellishment mad ... I included washi tapes, labels, old ribbons and even added in some project life cards.

So they you have it, my first grab and go kit.  I'm calling it this as I'm making a few of them, and then when we're off to the little house, at least, in theory, I can grab one of these and do some scrapping. 

I'm even going to use them when doing some project life layouts. 

And here's my first layout from it. 
This layout is the last of the five I picked from January five I picked to scrapbook.  Thanks Jo, for the idea, I'll be joining in again, but maybe as I'm a bit behind on that, I'll pick five from Feb and March. 

How did I do?

Thursday, 24 March 2016
Do you remember I told you about the Lent scrapbooking challenge, that a few friends set me at a recent crop, to scrap 10 layouts! Yeah, we all probably knew that wouldn't happen.  What did happen though was my love of scrapbooking was reignited.

I did manage 7, ok I'm counting a couple of project life pages in that number.  But, hey that's probably more than I did the whole of last year.

So, let me share with you a few of the layouts that I did do.

Recently, I've been watching a few youtube videos of how to put kits together using your older stash. I'm obsessed to say the least.  So next time, I'll share with you a kit I've put together.  And you never know! .... Maybe I'll have more layouts to share with you. 

Week 12 ... The week that was

Monday, 21 March 2016
filled with cold and flu tablets.

Sadly, Simon succumbed to his cold over the weekend, while we were at the little house, and although that meant we didn't get out and about much, we still had a lovely time.  I apologies now, as this post is filled with photos of the bears.

Here is Simon working from home, with help of course.
Bertie found this work a little bit boring.

I moved this little footstool while moving furniture around, and Molly seems to like it, right where it is. 
The bears had another trip to the vet, for their kennel cough injection
Easter decorations came out and this little "E" was waiting for me, when we arrived home. 

We went to a vintage handmade fair at the weekend, and had a lovely time, and I got some lovely bits.
And finally .... looks like I'll have more sewing to do!

Enjoy your week friends.  I'm now going to take some cold tablets ... yup, Simon has kindly shared his cold with me. 

Week 11 ... The week that was

Monday, 14 March 2016

Yup, last week was filled with lots of lovely restful things.  Well apart from taking the bears to the groomers, which is always stressful.

So here is a quick catch up on last week.
Told you it was restful 
It would have been my parents 60th wedding anniversary, and I know we'd have been having Chinese takeaway. 
The Easter decorations came out.
 Including these two Easter Bunnies! ... Yup, the groomers love dressing these two up.
 It was a beautiful sunset when we arrived at the Little House
 And a beautiful day followed
And lastly, we got a new table and I love it. 

Have a great week friends. 

Week 10 .... The week that was

Monday, 7 March 2016
Filled with new adventures

Molly helped me with my bullet journal
 Maria's and my new blog went live on Tuesday
 I got some scrapping in while Simon was out one evening
 We went out for a meal to Prezzo's
 I met up up with someone from Instagram  for the first time on Friday, and we went to the most amazing thrift centre that is just around the corner from me. I never even knew it was there.
 The bears just make me go all gooey when they sleep like this.
My new tablecloth and napkins made my table look pretty on Saturday night when our friends came over for dinner.
 Colin (Maria's husband) was used as a cushion by the bears
I got in some more scraping on Sunday, so slowly catching up with project life.
The bears are so clever, knowing that you can never have too many notebooks.

Have a lovely week friends.

A new blogging adventure

Tuesday, 1 March 2016
At the end of January, my friend and neighbour Maria and I were doing our usual discussing a million different subjects over coffee, and it occurred to us that others might also be interested in some of the things that we were chatting about

I mean, I love hearing about Maria's latest recipes, or her advice for me on which are the best vitamin tablets to help me.

I also text her for advice on products that I'm thinking of buying (as usually she has them lol)

She in turn (I think) lets me waffle on about project life or what paint I'm thinking of doing our kitchen in, etc.

So, with that in mind, we've started a blog.  You'll find it full of all things that inspire us; from interiors, health, product reviews, recipes and so much more.

Its an exciting project and I can't wait to see how it grows and where it goes.

If you get a chance, please pop on over and say hello.  I'm hoping to set up a twitter account and an IG account for it ... along with playing with the blog design itself.

Friends Over The Fence 

A big thanks goes out to Simon for coming up with the name ... it really couldn't have been better for us.