Week 52

Thursday, 29 December 2016
A lovely Christmas was had for sure.
We started the week at the little house, but had to come home as the bears had a visit to the groomers.   Honestly, we laughed so much when we saw the photo of them that they put up on Facebook of them ... no wonder they sulk when we pick them up.

Luckily for me, I ordered from the Emma Bridgewater sale on the first morning it started, and I couldn't believe me luck it was delivered before Christmas.

I was also very lucky with my deliveries as my project life album from Hey Little Magpie came too ... yes I know, I've not finished 2016's album but I'm still not giving in with this amazing project.

Finally Christmas day arrived and we spent it at home with my cousins, and my very very VERY talented hubby cooked an amazing dinner.

Lastly, our bears are calendar stars, yup, they're November's pin up bears.

There you have it .... our Christmas was lovely, and I hope yours was too.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, 25 December 2016
I'd like to wish you all dear friends a very Merry Christmas.
Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I'm excited about the blogging adventure yet to come.

Week 51

Tuesday, 20 December 2016
What a lovely social week it was.

It started out with my last R&D with Emma of the year.  I do love that for years, we've met for coffee and cake in the same place, at the same time, and actually usually the same type of cake. I also managed to grab a coffee with a neighbour at a new coffee shop that opened locally.

On Friday, Colin & Maria came over for the dinner.  Sadly, the bears were very naughty and loud, I'm so lucky that they understand and love them as much lol.  Even with them playing up, we had such a lovely evening.

This week, the round table charity called around, with Santa, and its such a big part of our Christmas tradition.
We went off on Saturday to spend some time at the little house, and put up the decorations, and although we're not spending Christmas day there, we will be spending time there over the festive period.  
This week Simon is off until the new year, and yes, I'm all ready for Christmas, so we can really enjoy the season. 

Week 50

Monday, 12 December 2016
A very important event happened in our home this week .... The bears turned 2
I won't lie, its not been easy.  I hear loads of others saying how puppies change their lives ... and that's true for sure, and maybe its different for me, as I've had two ... but they've been a challenge for sure, and we're still having "issues" (think adolescence and twins at that), but seriously, I love them more than I could ever tell you.  They're loud and noisy, little dirt magnets, and bark at nothing (latest obsession is our fireplace), but they're the most loving dogs I have ever ever known.  Simon and I adore them totally.

Ok, next things. I've written my cards and posted them. I've feed my cake more sherry; more decorations have gone up .... 5 trees, at the last count, and I attended the last crop of the year.

All in all a lovely week.  Simon has one more week at work and then off until the new year.

Have a lovely week, dear friends

Week 49

Tuesday, 6 December 2016
Christmas started in our home 
Decorations have started going up, our first card arrived.  Advent calendars were opened and Simon started the round of Christmas parties.

Goodbye November ... Hello December

Saturday, 3 December 2016
I love summer don't get me wrong, but Winter has all the things I love (other than heat lol ... that's where the wood burner comes in).  So, I'm happy with these months, and November for me starts the fun off nicely.  The dark nights don't haze me, I can see the beauty in candles and cosy nights in.

So let me show you how winter has been starting for me.
Time spent at the little house, and the most gorgeous autumn days.  Seriously, the weather has been glorious.  Simon had to go into hospital for a day, for an operation on his feet, so spent a week at home resting.

Christmas baking has started; our Christmas cake for starters and then some baking for a friends bake sale.

I attended a calligraphy workshop at Fortnum & Mason, and went to a craft fair with my lovely friend Jo.  Simon and I attended a Christmas food demo day at the Aga shop, and I started cooking for the bears.

All things Christmas started; Simon surprised me with the most beautiful Advent beauty boxes from Liberty, and Emma & I swapped our yearly advent gift boxes. This year, I did a surprise one for my friend Maria, I hope she enjoys it. Christmas decorations started going up (it takes me a while), but we got a lovely new tree, so it's starting to look beautiful.

I've spent time with my lovely friends and neighbours at a dinner, and Simon started his round of Christmas dinners.

One more really exciting thing happened this month! An artist from Instagram contacted me, and is making a card from one of my photos of the bears.

All in all, I'm so excited that we're going into my favourite month .... let the festivities commence.

Week 48

Monday, 28 November 2016
What a wonderful week it was.  Here are the highlights. 

Don't laugh but I've decided to change the bears food.  When we first got them, I fed them on the same canned food that I did Eddie. I noticed this wasn't great for Bertie, so I did some research and changed them to one of the better ones, called Burns.  Its been fine, but Bertie is, and how do I put it! .... Highly strung lol.  He has a lot of hyperactivity traits, so back to research, and also a lot of chat with IG friends, who have terriers.  The result is, I'm now cooking him and Molly food from scratch.  The one I've been trying this week is, Turkey Mince, Chicken Liver, Butternut Squash, Lentils and Pearl Barley.  I can honestly say .... they love it.  I know it's going to take some time, but I'll see how this affects him. You'll laugh as when Simon walked in the door, he thought it smelt amazing and the the food was for him! .... He got a baked potato instead lol
Also this week, I got the most AMAZING surprise.  Simon bought me a Liberty Beauty Advent calendar.  I was so so shocked, he surprised me with it, and its gorgeous.  I can't wait for the 1st to come around.  So sweet, he went the morning it was released and queued up to buy it. It sold out in a day, and I couldn't be happier.  Its so beautiful inside too. 

I also did some baking for a friend who had a bake sale at Simon's office.  I may have had a slice or two while baking. 

Then Friday, Simon and I went along to the Winter Brocante, oh I had the most amazing time. Gorgeous shopping, but also I met up with a lot of Instagram friends. I just loved my day, and we took the bears too, and they behaved so so well. Lots of people took their photo, it was so funny. Then in  the evening I went out for a meal with my neighbours. I'm so so lucky to live next to the most amazing group of women, who are also my friends, not just neighbours. 

Saturday saw us taking out our Christmas decorations and putting up our trees. We've a new tree this year, a bit of a change for us, as it's frosted and has a more realistic shape. I love it.  Our decorations take quite a while to put up, but that's half the fun really. 

That evening we went to Colin & Maria's (our next door neighbours) and had a lovely evening. So as you can see, a good week was certainly had. 

Week 47

Monday, 21 November 2016
After Simon's hospital procedure, he took this week off to rest and work from home.  I don't think he'll ever take a week off work completely.  Anyway, we took it nice and easy this week, so here are the highlights.
The bears had a trip to the groomers ... they were not impressed.  That evening, while Simon doggie sat, I went off to Fortnum & Masons for a workshop on Modern Calligraphy.  It was a 2 hour class, and so much fun.  Now I just need to practice, practice and practice some more.

As I said this was a lazy restful week for Simon, but we did pop out for the odd coffee and cake. Well, you have too, don't you. 

Then on Friday,  again Simon doggie sat, and I met up with Jo, for a day out at the Stitching, Sewing and Hobbycraft show, in Excel.  We had a lovely day, and I came back with some new stash. 

On Saturday, we attended an Aga demo on Christmas cooking. Honestly, I can't tell you, how amazing the food was, and I've a few ideas that I want to try. 

Lastly, I spent Sunday working on my project life album. I'm shocked at how behind I am on it, but its been lovely going back through the photos from the beginning of the year.  I'm hoping to carry on with it this week. 

There you have it, a lovely lazy week, which was certainly needed.  Thank you for your good wishes to Simon. He's back to work today, but under strict instructions to take it nice and easy. 

Hygge - First Things First

Wednesday, 16 November 2016
You may remember, I said I wanted to stop and think about being my grateful this November. To really take the time to realise how lucky I am and just enjoy the everyday moments.   So let me share with you, a few of my "Hygge" photos.

Now, I've been reading quite a lot about Hygge, and I must say, what I've learnt so far really appeals, and I thought I'd share over the weeks a few ideas of how to live the Nordic way.

Coffee. Yes, I know, funny how its one of the first things I've read about Hygge that really does appeal to me lol, but it's so much more than that. The Danes drink coffee, but not like us, its not a grab and go thing that it seems these days that we all do.  No, they take the time to sit and enjoy it. Having coffee with friends, and really enjoy the moment, and usually with a cinnamon bun.  Which brings me nicely, to my second favourite bit about Hygge.

Eat without Guilt.  Yes, that's right, having cake or a danish with your coffee.  They enjoy sticky buns, fresh bread and homemade jam; mugs of hot chocolate, and mulled wine, are all very hygge.  You can always take that long walk tomorrow.

I actually picked up a new book on the subject today in Costco, and it has a large section on food, with a lot of recipes.  I'll be trying out a few and I'll share this with you soon.

Week 46

Monday, 14 November 2016
What a week it was

It started at the little house, and it was just what we needed, as it feels like its been a while since we were there.  I think the next time we're there though, we'll be putting up the decorations. 
When we got back, I met up with Emma and I was over the moon, that she had managed to get me another hob cover from TK Maxx. So now, Betty Blue is dressed for the winter. 

This week I also managed to take out my pre Christmas boxes ... and in case you're wondering what would be pre Christmas, its things more winter themed, and bits that aren't just about decorating the tree.  So Christmas mugs, fairy lights, winter tea towels, and even cushions 

The biggest thing though was that Simon had to have his operation on his feet on Friday.  Poor chap, went in for 9am, and we were told nothing to eat or drink from the night before, but they didn't take him down to surgery until 1.30 in the afternoon.  It's always a worry when I don't know when I'll be able to chat with him, but I was over the moon when he faced time'd me.  

Glad to say I picked him up late afternoon and he has spent the weekend resting. He's off this coming week, and not a lot planned, which is just how it should be for him.   

Have a lovely week friends, I hope you were ok with my last unusual post on trends in the home. I enjoyed taking a different route with my blog; and I've more interior ideas to share with you in the future, of course, I'm also hoping to get back into crafting .... I'm feeling far more creative these days too.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my blog grows. 

Copper Trend

Thursday, 10 November 2016
During my journey to update our home, I thought I'd do this, by bringing some of the new trends into it.  Nothing big, just the odd piece here and there.  So with that in mind, I'm going to share with you some of those that interest me, and show you how I'm going to incorporate them into our home.

So first up, one of the biggest trends in interiors this year has been copper .... seriously it's everywhere. Now, I'm always on the look out on way to update our home, and I don't see this trend moving along anytime soon.  Actually, I've got a copper kettle which used to belong to Simon's Nans.

So let me share with you a few things that might interest you.

First up I'm loving the cox and cox wrapping paper ; then Next have a fabulous kitchen section in copper, including these salt & pepper pots.  Dunelm, always delivers great value trends, and the light pendant and cushion are from them (I'm hoping to get the cushion, I mean come on, its gorgeous). Another shop on my list, is always Wilko, and this latern is lovely.  John Lewis, always do the most amazing Christmas decorations, so if copper is your colour for your tree this year, these are a must.  Last but by no means least ... The place for great on trend design, is always Not on the High Street, and I'm feeling, this little copper vase, may fall into my basket. 

I've kept all my finds, under £20, its a way to see if you're interested in a trend and then maybe if you feel its working for you, a more substantial purchase is worth investing in. 

Here are a few copper things, that I've dotted around my home.
I've also bought some copper/rose coloured candles too, as my idea, is that I can use the larger ones as vases after I've burnt them.  

This trend certainly works during Autumn and Winter when we're looking to bring warmth and cosiness into our homes.  I hope you've enjoyed this slightly different post from me, I've few more in ideas to share with you soon 


Week 45

Monday, 7 November 2016
These weeks are rushing by, aren't they?, but let me give you the highlights from week 45
The weather has been amazing, perfect Autumn days, which the bears have just loved.  I did my last walk of Tommy, oh he's such a sweet dog.  I made my Christmas cake, which was the first time in the Aga this year.  It took 14 hours in the simmering oven, but oh my goodness, it smells amazing.

We then took ourselves off to the Little House for a long weekend.  We've been putting summer to bed, so to speak there and we've enjoyed lots of lovely evenings by the fire.  I managed to get hold of some poppies that I believe are meant to go on zips. Instead I put them on the bears leads and quite a few people have commented on them.

One big plus was that while putting away my summer bits, I found a Christmas cake that I made last year, so I've started re-feeding it with brandy and I'm looking forward to eating it this year.

The weather has certainly broken now, and we've had quite a bit of rain, and some very cold walks along the sea wall.

I hope you have an enjoyable week, I've got some blog reading to catch up with, so that's a big plus for me. xx


Saturday, 5 November 2016
The buzz word for winter 2016 is going to be Hygge, you'll probably have seen lots of books on the shelves about it.  Its the one that seems to have pushed aside the decluttering and colouring books, to be on everyone's Christmas list this year.

If you've not heard of it, its a Danish word, which is pronounced hue-gah, and I believe that it actually doesn't have a translation for us; although think comfort and pleasure in the little things.  Its all about making the ordinary everyday things special.  Now that can be as easy as stopping and really enjoying that cup of coffee, savouring it rather than rushing it and running out the door, or making a hot chocolate a ritual with all the trimmings.  Lighting your candles  when you have your dinner, but not making it a big fancy occasion, but rather bringing comfort and intimacy into your home.  Think wooly socks and reading good books by your fire.

They do say the Danes are the happiest nation in the world, and most of that is associated with Hygge. Now although the word is Danish, I don't think the concept is really anything new to us Brits; we've all played board games, and had the fun evening with family or friends over dinner that have lasted hours and hours, where we've just spent time laughing and chatting away.  The are the moments that we need to acknowledge.

All this has made me want to sop and think about Hygge in a more in depth way, so this November, I'm setting myself a challenge.  I'm having a 30 days of gratefulness and Hygge.  I'll be sharing a few of my photos over the coming weeks with you, but this isn't just going to stop after November, no, I hope to continue this through the winter and beyond.  I'm going to try and connect with the simple things in life.

Week 44

Monday, 31 October 2016
What a lovely week it was.  The weather has certainly been glorious, the type where its bright during the day, and cosy in the evening.  Just right for this time of the year.  So here are a few highlights
I've been practicing some of my cake baking, as I really need to get my Christmas cake done, so I've enough time to feed it.  Anyhow, I tried my usual marzipan one, and wasn't too happy with it. I then tried a banana tea bread cake, and wow, if I do say so myself, it was gorgeous.  

I also finally got the courage to light my Jo Malone candle, love it!  A real highlight was the final of the Great British Bake Off.  I've absolutely loved the show, and although Candice wasn't my choice to win at the start, she was certainly a worthy winner.  

Also this week, we had over a ton and a half of logs delivered, bring on Winter; and also I had my hair cut and coloured again.  

Now for a really big highlight.... I've been walking the cutie in the big picture each day.  He belongs to a friend of mine, who was on holiday, and although he's wasn't alone during the day as someone stays in their home, I'm walking him for her.  Its certainly a change walking a bigger dog, but oh he is adorable.  Mr Waggy tail for sure.

Next came something I've really been looking forward too.  Twice a year, there is a Terrier meet up at Brighton.  Mainly, its Fox Terriers, but over the past few years, its been opened up to other Terriers, so off we went with the bears. 
As you can see .... we had ourselves a little Lakie party.  With over 100 dogs altogether, we had 10 Ladies this time (only 7 here).

We really had the most amazing time. Looking forward to the April one already.
I hope you all remembered to change your clocks. Its so dark already, mind you can't complain as the weather today has been so warm and sunny; a perfect dog walking day.

I've my fruit soaking in Sherry ready for my Christmas cake.  I'm trying a new recipe, its a Mary Berry one, and its got to be soaked for 3 days ... I'm looking forward to baking it.  Star Baker! Maybe not lol.

Have a great week all

Week 43

Monday, 24 October 2016
Ok, someone stop the weeks from rushing by! ... Goodness, how can I be showing you week 43 already.
So here are the highlights. I've managed to get my first set of Christmas catalogs, which means countdown can really start.  It also means I better get a handle on my Christmas baking, so this week I've been practicing.  

I also met a good friend for a coffee in a local garden centre.  Also this week a Facebook group I belong too, said that TK Maxx were selling Sophie Allport Aga hob covers, I managed to get one, so the hunt begins for a second.  

My highlight though was that Simon treated me to my very first Jo Malone candle. I'm over the moon, as I've always wanted one.  I've just got to get my nerve up to burn it lol. 

A lazy week for me, this coming week, so hoping to work on my blog while more baking.  

#Little House Happiness

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
If you follow me on Instagram, you may know, I have a hashtag, which I use when I post any photo from the little house, its #littlehousehappiness .... it sums up how I feel when I'm there, but it also sums up how I feel about my home in general.  Sometimes, because I call it "little house" I think it sounds like our main home must be some sort of mansion, it's really not lol, we live in a typical 3 bedroom semi detached house in suburbia.

For as long as I can remember though, I've loved looking at wallpaper samples, cushions and soft furnishings.  Even before I had a home of my own, I remember decorating my bedroom with Laura Ashley wallpaper in my parents home and when I think back, I can still see the the beautiful blue print.  For my 21st, while many young women may have asked for designer clothes or a car; I asked for wardrobes.  So as can you see, anything home related, really is my passion.

We've recently been rejuvenating our home, and I'm going to take this opportunity to share it with you more, through my blog.  How I'm achieving my dream home, will be through upcycling and careful shopping and this too, is a journey I'll share with you.  
I'm looking for cost effect design solutions and I'll share how I display and learn to re-style my decor.

Please don't think it will be only interiors, I'll still be sharing my week that was, and of course, you'll still find crafting, and project life.  I'm going even try sharing my learning curve of the Aga and recipes with you.  That just leaves me to do some "tinkering" with my blog layout, but of course, that's half the fun, isn't it, and also a possible name change.

Week 42

Monday, 17 October 2016
Was one of the those weeks, when you have so much planned and don't quite know where to start.  The house was in a real pickle after my painting at the weekend, so first thing first was to get it put back in place.  Happily to say, that I'm getting there.  The only room left to sort out, is the back bedroom. 

So here's a quick update.  It was the 5 year anniversary of Dad's passing on Wednesday.  This year for some reason, I've been finding it really hard being without them.  On our usual Monday R&D', Emma gave me an African Violet, as it was Mum's favourite (there may have been tears), but it honestly means so much to me to have friends like her in my life. 
Laura Ashley delivered a gorgeous armoire that I got in their sale. Oh I love it, and I've spent many a happy hour faffing with china in it.

We also attended an Aga demonstration on spicy foods, not bad, and one of the recipes I tried on Friday, when Colin and Maria came over for dinner.
The bears had a visit to the groomers. They get so so scared, so I really need to groom them more at home.

We then went to the little house on Saturday morning. I had to return a library book, and the weather was lovely, and we had the most amazing sunrise, on the Sunday.

First fire too of the winter at the little house, and then came home on Sunday, and had one here.

There you have it ... another week done and closer to Christmas.

Week 41

Tuesday, 11 October 2016
What a lovely week it was ... I got to spend lots of time with friends.  So here's a round up.
Firstly, I had my usual R&D with Emma ... I've worked it out, that we've been meeting at the same place, same time, same day ... pretty much the same cake lol ... for nearly 10 years.  How scary is that.  

I also called into see the ever decreasing Jo, at her office.  I'm totally in awe of how well she's been doing at slimming world.   I also got to spend time with Maria, when we walked the bears in a local park. Such a lovely lovely day.

This week I also started changing over my home decor to autumn/winter. I do so love this season.

I've also got my paint brush out again! ... Actually, I don't think I've put it away since painting the kitchen.  First up, was a little unit I found in the charity shop, while dropping off another box of declutting haul.  I really do need to drop and run lol.  Anyway, this unit was to house my mugs (I'll share a finished picture in another post).  Simon also did a little IKEA hack for me, on our floating shelves.  All of which I know love.

Next up was a trip to London for me.

My first point of call was Fortnum and Mason where I met Simon. Oh I love that shop so much.  They even had their Christmas shop out, and I may have bought a little something.  Next I had my first Pumpkin Latte of the season and then a little trip to Anthropologie (again, a favourite shop).

Next was on to meet up with my lovely friend Carol.  I met her first nearly 2 years ago! ... Yes, she was the lady we got the bears from.  Honestly, I'm so lucky that I still get to see her as we get on so so well.  She took me to Cabages & Roses, a shop I've been dying to see. It was lovely, but I was a little sad as I had expected more house wears, and apparently they've stopped stocking them now, as John Lewis does that.  Still, I had a lovely lovely day.

There you have it, my weekly roundup.  This week, is already looking good, and lots of lovely things are being planned.


Goodbye September ... Hello October

Thursday, 6 October 2016
I'm always a little sad to say goodbye to September. I mean, after all it is my birthday month lol, but it's made a lot easier though as I do love Autumn.

So here are my highlights from last month.
I met up with lots of lovely lovely friends and even chatted with them on FaceTime.  We spent time at the little house and watched the demolition of the largest chimney in the UK come down.  Lots of decorating was done, and the weather was amazingly hot for September.  We sadly lost our last fish; and strictly came back on tv.  The Lord Mayors banquet was lovely and we're back to having hospital appointments for Simon, as his feet are really playing him up.

Another month closer to Christmas and I'm getting so excited. I may have started a little shopping already.  Lets hope October is as kind to us as September was. 

Week 40 .... The week that was

Monday, 3 October 2016
A week of firsts.

First fire of the winter, and my first new £5 note.
A few new things made it into our home too this week.  A new washable mat! ... Yes, the word "washable" is very important in my life these days lol.   Also, next new thing was Simon's latest toy! ... Yes, he should be renamed, "Gadget Boy" ... as honestly, he's obsessed.  Anyway, his latest toy is the Amazon Alexa.  I must admit, I'm enjoying it playing different Prime music and also keeping track of my shopping list, but it is getting on my nerves when Simon keeps asking it for a new joke lol.

Also this week, I met up with my cousins in Kingston for breakfast and to celebrate one of their birthdays, and lastly, Simon had a hospital appointment about his feet.  Sadly, he's really suffering, so we're back having appointments, and looking at new ways to help him. I may be that an operation is closer than we had hoped for, but I think the hospital want to try some different routes first.

There you have it, my week.  I'm enjoying the change in season, and feeling all cosy at home, I think some autumn home decorations may need to come out this week xx

My Painted Pew

Friday, 30 September 2016
As you know I've been on a mission to update our home, and I'm happy to say I'm really pleased how its coming along.

I'm also slightly (ok, totally) obsessed with upcycling, and making over furniture.  More so when the vision I have in my mind, works out well in real life, which as we all know, isn't always the case.  So let me introduce to you my finished pew.
For a long time I had been searching for an old church pew, and a few years ago, I managed to get hold of one.  It was cut to the size I wanted, which meant, although each end matched, they weren't a pair.  In either words, they came from the same church, but had different handles and numbers on them.  None of this worried me, as it is against a wall, and I still loved it, but what I didn't like was that it was such dark wood.  Its just not me! I tend to like everything light and against my table it just looked even darker.

So ... what's a girl to do! Paint it of course.  I didn't want it to be white, so off I went to Farrow and Ball to see what paint they had. I had a colour in mind, of Skimming Stone, but the wall that it sits against, was going to be painted in Skylight (same colour as the dresser), and after talking to the assistant, he showed me that it would end up looking quite lilac.  So instead I went for Cornforth White.  I'm so pleased I did.

Here's the process I used.
Of course ... first it was primed with Zinsser. 
Next came 2 coats of the Farrow and Ball, Cornforth White. 
Here's a better look at it, against the blue. I think it works, I hope you do too.  All I now need to do is make a seat cushion for it, and of course, I'll show you when I'm done. 

Happy Friday friends, I hope your weekend is a good one. 

Week 39 .... The Week that was

Monday, 26 September 2016
Glamorous .... well, not all of the time.

It started out with the normal everyday to day routines.  Coffee with my neighbour and friend Moira at the garden centre; I had a couple of very snuggly bears, both have had stomach upsets over the week, but feeling better now.  Its certainly easier to carry Molly as she's smaller, but Bertie still expects his cuddles and he's a tad bigger and heavier lol.

Strictly, also started again, and I'm LOVING it.  At the moment, I haven't got a favourite yet, but I do like that judge chap, and Louise.

Also this week, I got hold of a few christmassy bits, well it is (as of today) 90 days to go.

We then got to the glamorous bit.  Simon is a Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Paviors. Their annual banquet is held at Mansion House, in London, and the Lord Mayor attends.  Its such a magical and beautiful venue, and its wonderful to see everyone looking gorgeous.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

There you have it friends.  Now back to the reality, which is usually just cleaning and sainsburys, but that's ok.  I'm still in full decorating mode, and I'll be back with a little post later to show you how it's going.

Catching up

Monday, 19 September 2016
Goodness, my poor little blog has really suffered with Simon being off.  So lets start with week 36, it was a Bank Holiday, and I caught up with lots of lovely friends.  So here's the run down;  The Bank Holiday itself, was super hot, and all the running around in the park that the bears did, meant that Bertie got very tied. This in turn meant that his daddy, had to carry him home. Much to the disgust of Molly, who likes to be carried at any chance she can grab. 

Something, I've been trying to get hold off, is one of the little drift wood houses, that are made by Shabby Daises.  Luckily for me, I was up early when it went on sale, and nabbed one. Oh I love it. 

I made a start on my christmas quilt. Not the one I had planned in the sew-a-long but one I'm happy with.  Also, this week, I managed to get some face time, in with my lovely friend Caroline and her gorgeous boy, Sergio.  Its funny, we're so similar and we often laugh and call each other our twin. I also met a lovely IG friend for coffee and cake.  I can honestly say, that I've met and made the nicest friends through blogging and IG.  Sarah was so sweet, as although I never said anything, she bought me a card and a box of violet creams for my birthday. How she remembered was amazing.  
As you can guess it was also my birthday, this week. Simon and I went out for a lovely meal on the Saturday night, just before my birthday.  On the Sunday, my actual birthday, we took the bears to a training class, and goodness, they were so good. After that, we went out to a little coffee shop in Dorking, and then home to an evening, where Colin and Maria came over to help me celebrate. 

Onto week 37 and the start of Simons two week holiday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we made use of it, by spending a lot of time at the little house.  On the Tuesday we went off to Margate. I really recommend it if you're looking for a little vintage shopping.  Such a lovely artistic place too.  Also on the Wednesday we watched the biggest demolition in UK so far. It was the fall of the Isle of Grain chimney.  It was amazing, and I've never seen, so many people in Queenborough to watch it.  Then home to Epsom, to start decorating our main living space.

We also had a lovely dinner at Colin and Maria's; I attended a crop and sat next to Jo, where I actually managed to get all my project life photos in my album and up to date. No pretty bits done, but its a start.  

So that brings us back to week 38 ... and Simon's last week off.  Again, the weather was amazing and actually, one of the hottest September days in over 100 years, and what where we doing? Decorating. We replaced the yellow walls with cool blues and soft whites, and I love it.  Sadly though, we lost our last fish this week, and we've decided to not getting any more just yet.  
My birthday present arrived too this week; Simon got me the boxed Carpe Diem planner, designed by The Reset Girl. Oh I love it.
We also took a quick trip to the little house, as one of Simon's Aunts wanted to visit it.  As you can see, the bears loved sitting on Simon's mum's lap lol.  Work on the Epsom house is going well, we've put a new worktop in the utility room and I got some new autumn cushions from Sainsburys.  The week ended with a friends 50th party, where she had a photo booth and I managed to get a photo of some crop friends, who were enjoying it.

There you have it, a little catch up. I apologise that I've not visited your blogs over the past few weeks. No excuse, I've been bad at blog reading, but I really hope to get my act together now.  I'm still trying to get the house back in order after the decorating, and have a few touch ups to do, but I promise to try and take the time to catch up with you all.  Thanks for sticking with me on this photo heavy post.

Weeks 34 and 35

Monday, 29 August 2016
oopppss, sorry I've been missing a few weeks of blogging, but I'm back now ... so lets see, what's been happening.  Well, lets start with week 34

The start of it saw me having to say goodbye to my dearest friend Sue.  We've known each other forever, or at least thats how it feels.  I met her straight after leaving school and she's been a big part of my life ever since.  We grew up together, if you like.  But she's off to pastures new, a whole new and exciting adventure in France. Yes, I know I should be oh so happy for her, but I hate the fact that she's not going to be down the road to me, or even within driving distance.  It was a very upsetting day for me, but I know its going to be quite some adventure for her, so I'll put on a brave face. 

Also this week, I went for coffee with Maria, and finally sorted out my planning and home organisation desk.  We then took off to the little house for the start of Simon's week off.  The traffic on the way was a nightmare, and when we got there, it was quite cold and windy but boy that sure  did change. 

Ok, now onto week 35

Simon had last week off, and we couldn't have been luckier with the weather.  Actually, we ended up staying longer at the little house, hoping it would catch the sea breeze and be cooler. No such thing, in fact, Kent was the hottest place in the UK.  

A quick rundown .... We took a car full to the charity shop. Took Simon's mum to sittingbourne for a look around, and the funniest of things happened while in Dunelm store.  A lady came up to me and asked if I was "Sandra" ... She said she recognised me from Instagram and even saw Simon walking around the store.  She was such a lovely lady, I'm glad I met her. 

As it was so hot, we put a washing up bowl down for the bears to paddle in. Bertie loved it, Molly wasn't so sure. I did some quilting; Although not easy with Molly on my lap.  The Great British Bake off started, and I'm already hooked. 

We then came home, as the bears had their 6 month check up at the vet. As it was National Dog day, we called into a little coffee shop with the bears, who behaved very well (Bertie, is going through a difficult stage, so may need to see a behaviourist).

Back home, we've decided to have a good makeover of our home, starting with lightening it up, so I've been looking at paint samples.  Saturday saw us go to the Farrow and Ball store to buy our paint, and of course stop for a coffee out. 

There you have it .... our past couple of weeks.  Simon is back at work this week, because of a mix up with one of his partners. Instead, he is now taking next week off and the one after that.  So hoping we can get on with using the paint and making the changes we have planned. 

I hope you've all had a lovely few week; and are enjoying the summer holidays.  I can't believe that today was the last bank holiday till Christmas.  Enjoy your week friends, and I apologies for not getting around to visiting your blogs. I'm hoping to have a little catch up over the next few days. 

Week 33 ....The week that was

Monday, 15 August 2016
spent getting back into my organising routine. 
Well the first few days were spent at the little house.  We had a long weekend there, and the weather couldn't have been better.  On the Monday, we walked the bears down to the post office, and stopped at a new B&B that had opened for a coffee.  They were so lovely and let us take the dogs into the garden, so to get away from the traffic.  We'll certainly be visiting again.

Then our neighbours came back, so my cat feeding duties came to an end, but I did get a lovely candle from SeaSalt as a thank you. The bears too, got a little holiday gift, from their Aunty Maria. 

My sew-a-long starts this week, so I happily got my desk all sorted. I think I may need a few other bits, but I may have enough to get started. 

The bears too, got a new toy and surprise surprise, its still in one piece. 

On Friday night Colin and Maria came over for dinner. I know I've said it before, but goodness, we're just so so lucky to have friends as our neighbours.  

I then made some bread for the first time ... ok, I think I need practice. It didn't really rise very well.

So there you have it, another week gone.  It's been a sad day for me today, I saw a friend who I've known for the longest time, and she's moving to France.  I know she'll be happy, and is great adventure, plus its not forever, but it was sad knowing we won't be in the same country.  

Have a great week friends. 

Week 32 ... The week that was

Monday, 8 August 2016
just for pottering around. 

I would like to have shared a photo of Sasha, who belongs to Maria, my next door neighbour. I was going in and feeding her, while they were on holiday, but sadly Sasha only makes her presence known to me in the form of empty bowls and a full litter tray lol.  I'm sure she knows my voice, which could be an indication of why she went into hiding, but I do love chatting with her, while I'm sorting out her amenities. 

So other than that, not a lot happened during the week
I enjoyed sitting on the new garden furniture in between rain showers and some new china that I ordered for the little house, arrived just in time for our visit.  

We have then spent a long weekend at the little house. Sadly Simon wasn't too well on Thursday evening, or Saturday evening. So it's been a very lazy chilled out visit.  I did manage to do some sewing, and in between bouts of illness, we took the bears walking along the sea wall.  

Not a lot planned for this week, but as its started off on a nice note, with an extra day being spent at the little house. 

Wishing you all a lovely week friends. 

Week 31 ... The week that was

Monday, 1 August 2016
For celebrating.

That's right, as it was our 28th wedding anniversary, last Saturday. It really doesn't seem possible. I can still remember the day so clearly, and all the lovely people that made it so special for us.
So also last week, we finally got some new furniture for our gazebo. We've been looking for ages, and finally found some online.  One of the boxes was too large to come through the house, but the chaps delivering it were so good, they unpacked it on the drive and bought it through. Even took the packaging away.

I also decided to get my hair cut, and it feels so much better ... also back to having blonde highlights again, which makes me happier.

That brings us back to our anniversary, where we took ourselves off to Cranleigh in the morning for a little wander around, and then back home to put the furniture together.  Simon surprised me with a beautiful rose bush in an Emma Bridgewater jug. I also got my first hogben pottery mug, and feel it could be the start of a new love for me lol.

I hope you all have a lovely week.  I'm doing a little cat feeding, for my neighbours cat, only she's being elusive in the photography department, but I'm hopeful.


Week 30 .... The week that was

Monday, 25 July 2016
Spent mostly at the little house.

We actually started the week at the little house, as we made a long weekend of it.  On the Monday, we had a bookcase delivered from Cotswold Co.  I'm in love with it, and although flat packed, it was really easy to assemble (ok, I was just the assistant, but I did that really well lol).

It was the most amazing weather, and we certainly made use of it, with lots of BBQ's and just watching the world go by.

Other things while back at home in Epsom, included me finding some bargains in the Laura Ashley sale, which are perfect for the Little House; a new cookbook, and as its been very hot, we got the bears a hard shell paddling pool, which Bertie loved.

Then on Friday morning, the bears had a visit to the groomers. They always take after photos of them, and usually its a theme photo ... This months it was a seaside one! ... Couldn't be more perfect.  Doesn't look like Molly was too happy, but my boy loves dress up lol.

It was then back to the little house for the weekend.  Well, you've got to make use of the lovely weather too, haven't we.  Who knows, how long it will last!

The town was all dressed for the holiday makers, and I picked up this lovely lobster print fabric from a new quilting shop, will be perfect for some cushions and maybe some bunting too.

There you have it, all back for a Monday.  Weather is still warm although a little cloudy today, but I am hoping it still stays dry and nice.

Wishing you all a lovely week, I've some creative plans running around in my head, so hopefully I can get a start on them this week.

Showcase your photos

Thursday, 21 July 2016
This is a post, I did a while ago for Friends Over the Fence blog, but I thought I'd share it here with you, I hope you don't mind.

How many of us have boxes hidden away with old family photos or draws full of those packets that we used to pick up from the chemist of our developed holiday photos?

Well as a scrapbooker and Project Lifer, I'm always conscious of sharing memories taken by us, but even those, are often put onto layouts and then filed away in albums.

So at the little house, I wanted those memories and especially the ones that were taken and made at the house all those years ago, to be available and accessible to all those that visit.

Firstly we contacted family members and asked if we could scan in old family photos, and then printed them out, and now keep them in this glass bowl on the side.

I can honestly say, everyone that comes to the house loves going through the bowl and reliving those family memories, and so often we find out new stories that we've never heard before. 

I've also asked family members to write down who is in the photo, so that we never forget.  Its a joy spending time rummaging through the bowl and looking back through old photos. 

I've actually decided that I'm going to print out some of Mum and Dad and include them in the bowl, even though they never got to visit the house, I want them to be part of the little house too.