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Me on a Monday

Monday, 24 August 2015
Waving at the lovely Sian, for this great idea.  You'll find me this rainy Monday wading through the mud and grim that has been our home for the past 3 weeks.  The garden renovations are going very slowly. So on Thursday, we packed our bags and put the bears into the car and took off for the little house.  Did I mention the builder doesn't work on Fridays!

Anyway, we had a fabulous time .... the sun was shining, so what was not to love.

So here is a short round up in photos;

Bertie and I smooched and watched the tide come in

Lots of drinks and b-b-q's were had outside

The doors were flung wide open and the bears had a lovely time. 

We walked along the sea wall and saw the plaques that we bought for Simon's father and grandparents along the new causeway

The back in 10 minutes, is a nod to his sign that he used to put in his workshop when he went out on his boat 

All in all ... a fabulous weekend was had, and I didn't want to leave. 

I've realised I've not shared many photos with you all of the little house, now the building work has been completed.  So I will share those with you over the next few weeks.  Here's one of my gorgeous kitchen though. Oh how I love it .... you can see why I didn't want to leave. 

Thanks for sticking by this photo heavy post.  Have a great week x

Craft Room Update

Thursday, 20 August 2015
Last month, I had the idea of moving my craft room, and Simon's home office into our dining room. We don't use it, and we both love working together. Well, sadly it didn't work; not really enough space for two rooms to be combined into one.  So with a very understanding hubby; I moved all of my craft room back upstairs.

I've had a little shift around, and I managed to clear a lot and I mean a lot of crafting stash that I no longer used or wanted; so here is the end result.

Simon made this unit many years ago for me, from a clipping that I saw in a Creative Keepsakes magazine.  Becky Higgins had one similar, and I though it would just be perfect, and I've loved it ever since.

Marshmallows on hand :) and I'm trying to keep my everyday essentials out in front of me, rather than hidden away in pretty boxes.

All my quilting fabric is in one place and rather than keep my silhouette on my desk as before, I think this will work better. I can just move it when needed.

Mum and Dad's old cassette storage units came in handy for my inks and pens. In the IKEA cart, I'm trying to keep all the latest and greatest stash that I'm loving at the moment, and at easy reach.  Also, I bought a couple of boxes from TKMaxx the other day (they're on the top by the pin board) and I've kept my latest Studio Calico Project Life kit in the larger one and all blank labels in the smaller.

Easy access to my typewriter too, which means I shouldn't need to move it, to use it. I need to sort though all my scrapbooking paper still, and I've just put the albums here which I'm working on. 

I may move my ribbons to another place later ... but for now, they're fine.

There you have it, I'm happy here. I've tried to make it so that wherever I look, I see something pretty or creative.

I just need to work on my inspiration board and put up a few scrapbooking pages on the walls.  It must be working though, as already, I've completed 2 project life spreads.

Me on a Monday

Monday, 17 August 2015
Do you remember I listed my goals for August! ..... Tell me, why do I bother?

This weekend saw that all change. Last month we moved Simon's home office and my craft room into our dining room.  In my head it still sounds like the perfect solution; we both hate working in rooms away from each other, and it would mean the bears could be with us all the time.  Sadly, in reality, it just didn't work.  Simon needed more space for computers and papers; and well, lets face it, you can never have enough space for crafting bits.  Plus, with 2 big tables in the middle of the room, it meant you couldn't walk around very easily.  So this weekend was actually spent moving everything back to where it was.

The bears were at the groomers; and we visited the most amazing warehouse I've ever been too.  I'm looking to buy a church pew; and I found a place selling mainly church antiques, but oh so much more, and not that far from us.  I truly could have lost myself in there for hours.  So here it is; a little snapshot of our weekend.

Oh and while I'm writing this post, this is happening outside right now :)

I'll be back during the week to show you more of my craft room and it's progress. I'd say I'm 80% done and to be honest, I'm happier in there than the dining room.

Have a lovely week x

An actual Layout or two

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Do you know, the last time I actually shared a scrapbook layout was last November! ... That's dreadful.  Please don't think I've not scrapped since then, I honestly have.  I'd say ask anyone at the crop I attend, but they'd probably laugh and say all I do is spend my time in Starbucks.

So with that in mind.  Here are a couple of recent layout's I've done. Of course, my scrapbooking does have a new focus as I take a million photos of the bears.

But here is one of them in full play mode

And this was one of Molly and I on one of our first outings with them. We took them in the car to have lunch. I'm in the process of finishing the one with Simon and Bertie, so I hope to have that one to share with you soon.  Mind you if my timeline is anything to go by, it might not be until April of next year.

Me on a Monday

Monday, 10 August 2015
I haven't played along with the lovely Sian's Me on a Monday posts in ages; so I'm jumping in again.

You'll find me this morning, making tea, with 3 sugars, and coffee with 2! Yup, we have builders in our home, so this is happening right now.
Goodbye decking. I won't be sorry to see it go, that's for sure. Its been down for 10 years or so now, and where, I've put and watered all my pots etc., its all rotted away.
We made sure that we protected the flooring and cleared the way for any wheelbarrows and rubble, and a delivery of sand etc., came early this morning
I'm hoping to reclaim the garden next year .. away from puppy paws. So under here is a gazebo waiting to be built.  
All systems are go

So there you have it,  Me this Monday ... I better go and put the kettle on again, I suppose.

August Goals

Thursday, 6 August 2015
At the beginning of the year, I wrote a list of my planned goals for 2015, I then broke it down each month as to what I hope to achieve.

Well since then things have changed slightly ... the bears for instance have taken a LOT more of my time and work than I ever thought. Plus, I started the KonMarie declutting method; and also we decided to have a change around in how we used our living space, so certain rooms were moved around a bit (a lot actually).

Still, that's all good, and I have achieved some of the plans I initially wrote down, but I'm happy to move my goals around.

So this months plan is;

clear out kitchen cupboards; check dates etc., (started, but not complete yet) 
Continue with Craft Room/Office Organisation
o    Re-organise alchove cupboards
o    Label storage draws
o    Clear clutter from household desk
o    Finish inspiration board
o    Paint Sideboard
Organise "household desk"
Sort out Sewing Space
o    Paint table 
o    Organise draws
o    Organise Fabric
o    Go through sewing projects and re-evaluate
Make up blinds for bathroom
Continue with KonMarie method

I've actually made a start already on the kitchen cupboards and the main reason for this goal is I want to start painting the kitchen cabinets. I've not put that down as a goal this month as I'm not sure I'll get around to it, and to be honest its a big job, so will take a long time.

This month, were having a new patio laid, so I'm pretty sure most of my time will be trying to keep the bears away from wet cement, but I hope to achieve something.  I'll let you know next month how much I completed of this list (if much at all lol).

And that was July

Monday, 3 August 2015
Goodness, the months are flying by.  Each week I do a marker for my photos to keep them in order, for when I'm printing out and catching up on Project life, and can you believe it ... we're already going into week 32 today.

So here you are, a quick glance at what July meant for me.

Of course, lots of days out with the bears; a few trips to the vet as first Bertie dislocated his toe and had to be x-ray'd, then Molly was very sick with a stomach bug.  We also moved my greenhouse out, as we have having to renew some fencing at the back. We had dinner with our lovely neighbours again (hoping it becomes a monthly event).  A little Emma Bridgewater may have been ordered during their online sale and my darling friend Sue came over.  Sue is someone I've known the longest and although we don't see each other a lot, she's such a close friend, and I feel like we've never been apart.

Other snippets; Simon went to Fortnum & Masons for me, and got me my favourite Jam. Rose Petal; they only sell it for a month or two, so he stocked up. Some time was spent at the little house; dog training classes came to an end for the summer and the decluttering continues; I had an emergency dental appointment.  Oh and lots of coffee and chatter with friends was had.

Another lovely event that July bought with it, was our 27th Anniversary. So we put the camera on timer ... grabbed a puppy each and took a family portrait.

Ok, lets see what August has too offer.  I don't think its going to be as busy, but we are continuing with our decluttering, and we're hoping to have a new patio laid, so you never know.  I'm just hoping to sun shows its face some more.