Quick update

Monday, 11 May 2015
Goodness, where do the days go?

I've been trying to do a catch up on blog reading, but I'm falling so very behind. Then I feel bad about doing a blog post myself. So I think in order for me to move on, I may start reading afresh tonight and not panic about catching up.

So here we are; May already. I often worry about time flying and I'm not achieving much, but at the moment, I'm just happier that it means one day closer to summer.  I can't tell you, how fed up I'm getting at trying to toilet train the bears in the garden when its raining and cold.

Still, we're getting there ... they are without a doubt. GORGEOUS.  A bit of a handful to say the least, but with the weather getting better, it means some of that puppy energy is being released in play and these two can chase each other around the garden for hours.

April, was a good month, I started my organisation (only to find the draw dividers I bought were too small). We had some hot days which meant summer clothing. The bears went to the groomers, not to be groomed, but to get used to the noise and smells. Their first cut is happening later this week.  Also, we finished at puppy school, which to my embarrassment, just after Bertie got his rosette, we were asked to leave as he wouldn't stop barking!

 April, also bought me a new haircut.  I had a good couple of inches chopped off and much prefer it. I may even go a little shorter at the next cut.

There it is, a quick catch up from me today, while the bears are sleeping.  I will try my best to blog more and not leave it so long. I even managed a little scrapbooking at the crop last week, so you never know a layout might be shown soon.

Thank you too, for all the lovely, lovely comments I had on my last post.  It really does mean the world to me to have such wonderful friends that understand and accept me. xxx