How did I do?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

I don't actually think I did too badly, on January's list considering. There are a few things that probably won't make it to February's to do list just yet. But that's ok ... they're still on my "Master Plan" ... I know, I laugh at the thought that I might actually do them.

JANUARY – main list
Major clean after decorations down and put house straight
clear out kitchen cupboards; check dates etc.,
Start on the dining room makeover
o    New covers for chairs
o    Empty and sort through sideboard
o    Remove all books from cases and have a good clean and sort through
o    Paint Fireplace
o    Paint Sideboard
Organise "household desk"
Write up calendar
Write up and decorate Filofax
Sort out 2015 budget and files
Clear/delete and file emails from machines
Start sorting out photos
Download and clear off 2014 photos from phone
Get a blogger planner in place
Make up a decluttering and organization planner in place for this year
Puppy proof the house and garden

So what is on my February list; well here you go 

FEBRUARY – main list

Get a blogger planner in place
Make up a decluttering and organization planner in place for this year
Get a bag together of crafting products to be able to bring down while settling in bears
Continue to sort out a workable craft room
Go through my Heidi Swapp class on my planner and start it.
Send photos to Photobox for printing
Get at least 3 weeks done on Project Life 2015
and two weeks on catch up for Project Life 2014

Ok, I know its not a huge list, but I've got my hands full with toilet training pups at the moment lol. So I'm not setting the bar too high.  Hopefully, I'll get at least one of these things done by the end of the month. 

Goodbye January ... Hello February

Tuesday, 3 February 2015
Well January you were amazing.

Without a doubt, I love the project 365 app on my phone. I've taken a photo (or a lot more) a day since playing along and when I look back at the month, I always smile.

So lets see, what happened.

Well mainly the bears ... and if I'm honest, they'll probably be in my app most of the time. But other than meeting them for the first time; I started on project life, painted a mantle, puppy proofed, had the workmen back to the little house to fix some damp, attended a Burns Night dinner and dance at the Guild Hall, in London ... FaceTime'd the lovely Caroline and Sergio and Simon celebrated his birthday. So all in all a fabulous and busy month.  Lets see what February has to offer.

Also, I know I'm a day late, but to play along with Sian's Me on a Monday ... here I am, at the vet yesterday, with the bears getting their puppy check. Happy to say all ok, but a little whinging when they had their first injection.
I'm hoping to be back soon with a check list of how well I did on my January list of to do's and put up February.