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Me on a Monday

Monday, 30 June 2014
I can't thank Sian enough for this idea. Its a quick and easy blog post every Monday. which I don't really need to think about too much :)

This weekend was all about the little house again, but this time more the fun bit of buying the pretties. So of course to Cath Kidston, I headed.

We also caught up with friends on Friday evening and went to the Greyhound racing, which I hadn't been to in years. It meant I got to play too with some dogs (always a plus)

So here is me today ... actually heading back to the shops to return a couple of things from my shopping trip.

But the exciting part of the coming week, includes these beauties 

Yup, this week is all about the curtain making, foot stool covering and cushion covering ... I can't wait.

Project Life catch up

Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Two posts in a week, whatever has happened to me lol.

I've realised that I haven't shared any of my Project Life pages for a while. I'm still a bit behind, but catching up slowly. Actually, recently my love of scrapbooking has made a return and I find myself looking forward to playing with paper and embellishments again.

I'm one of those that doesn't like to start lots of new things before I've either caught up, or finished some of the projects I've got on the go. I hate being behind and then guilt starts to set in ... and that's when I find I go off certain projects. So as much as I'm itching too, to start on our Silver Wedding pictures and album, I do want to get up to date with Project Life first. (I will confess though, I have made a layout for that album, which I'll share soon).

Anyway, here are a few weeks that I've not shared with you yet.  More will follow (now there's a threat) lol. 

Actually, not only has my love of scrapping made a return, I'm feeling an enjoyment again in blogging.  So I'm hoping this will stick around for a while :) I always admire those of you that blog regularly and kindly leave comments on my posts. It really does mean a lot, so a HUGE thank you xxx

Me on a Monday

Monday, 23 June 2014
I wasn't very good at doing any blog posts last week, so I hope this week is better for me.  So to start the week off I'm joining Sian in her "Me on a Monday" .... now there is no way, I'm going to do a selfie every week, but here is me this beautiful, sunny day

Its me wearing my fitbit, and a summer dress (ok, you have to imagine the summer dress, but it's pretty lol)  .... I'm determined to do more exercise and get moving, and this little band helps me measure my exercise/steps and even my sleep.  The good thing is hubby has one (obviously not as colourful) so its good to have someone to be in competition with.  I will say, he beats me hands down on how many steps we do each day. But more often than not, I don't manage my 10,000 steps, its probably nearer the 8,000 mark, so I need to do more.

This past week and weekend have all been little house related projects, and I'm getting very excited as the kitchen is starting to go in; so here are a few photos of what's been happening with the build.

Windows are in on the garage/shed 
Bathroom starting to take shape

New Red door on ... still some door furniture to go on, but looking good
Kitchen is starting to go in. It needs moving closer together, but oh I'm just loving how it's looking. 

There you have it ... so far, we've got about another 3 weeks to go (its running behind but I'm keeping my fingers crossed, not long now)

I'm hoping to, to be back this week with some actual crafting, in the form of Project Life. I'm behind by about 8 weeks, so I need to get my act together and stop faffing about lol. 

What a week!

Monday, 16 June 2014
The lovely Sian has, as always, come up with a great idea ...Me on a Monday. Its a great way to have a round up of your weekend, use a photo of yourself (not sure about that bit lol) and also, if like me, have help with a blog prompt. 

My dear friend Jo, does something similar each week too, where she does a round up of her past week, which I love. I think that must help too with Project Life.

So this is sort of both of them in one lol.

Firstly .... and I'm not a big one for doing selfies, but here it is; me on a Monday (just about to leave the house for coffee with my friend Emma, we meet every monday) .  Sian put in one of her posts that she's not in many of her photos or layouts, and as I look back through our project life album, I can say for sure, I'm not in many of the weeks. So maybe this might be a way of changing that.

Last week we were so very lucky to have my cousins from Australia staying with us. One of them won a holiday from a radio station, and after a week in Scotland, we picked them up at Kings Cross and bought them home. So here is a few photos from our amazing week, which include; The London Eye, a trip to Harrods, going through the family tree, afternoon tea at Fortnum & Masons, a night drive in London and a trip to Brighton.  All in all we all had a fabulous week.  They went home on Saturday and now I just need to win a holiday to Australia ... how hard can that be lol.

family selfies 

so lucky as they were passing by while practicing for Trooping of the Colour

Another hobby reinstated 
Ok, must dash .... that coffee and cake are calling me.  Thanks Sian and Jo for the ideas xxx

Goodby May, Hello June

Monday, 2 June 2014
I have a few months, that I feel I can start afresh. January, for obvious reasons but also June and September. June, I suppose because it's the 6th month, so half way through. And September has always had that new term, new start, feel for me.

So what does all this mean, well this morning, I've already been making lists and plans (ok, not much is new there) but I feel I have more get up and go, and hopefully achieve more. 

Everyday, I always take a photo, often a lot more, but I use the Project 365 app still - and to be honest it helps too with my Project Life photos. Anyway, each month I send the completed months photo to myself and put it in the sidebar of my blog. Instead of that, or should I say, as well as that. I thought this month, I'd actually share the bigger picture with you, and give you a quick run down of last month. 

So as I look at it, last month was fun ... we had our kitchen updated, the sun came out to play, and so we were out in our garden a bit more. Simon's tooth implant fell out, we had a terrific hail storm (day 13), it was a crafty month, with decopatching of a plant pot, sewing and baking. Two good friends celebrated their 50th birthdays. One of which shared with me a photo that we had taken together on her 21st birthday :). So all in all a good month. (oh if you're wondering what that is on the 28th ... it was the tv show, The Mentalist ... and they finally kissed ... I'm a sucker for a good love story) 

So onwards and upwards to June. Hopefully the building works in the little house will come to an end and we can move back in. I have my cousins coming to stay and visit from Australia and hopefully more crafting is in my future. Fingers crossed.