Monday, 23 January 2012

What have I been doing?

Well, I know I've been busy, but busy doing what? That's the question.  I have been to a couple of crops and even more surprisingly, I've actually achieved something at them.

I've also been keeping up with my photo a day.  Although I've not followed any prompts, the photos do show a snapshot of our lives - which was the plan :)  I'm still not 100% sure how to showcase them, and as much as I adore seeing others who are doing Project Life, I'm not quite sure I want to take on that level of commitment - also, I'm not really wanting to buy another album for that.  So I may well do it, but with a slight twist to it ... uuummm, I think that still needs some thought.

Anyhow, a blog I do follow is the lovely and talented Alana, and her blog The Little Blue Shed.  Well each week, missy clever clogs, puts up a mosaic of her week.  Well, I've just loved seeing that, so I asked her how she did it, and to my glee, it's an app.  Well, I love my apps, so yes I downloaded it and if anyone is interested it's called My week in pictures.  Now, getting it on to here was a different story, and again, Alana came to my rescue .... only, she managed to confuse me! LOL ... so instead, I took the easy way out and emailed them to myself.  And here they are; my past few weeks, not the most exciting in the world ... but hey, so far, so good!:)

Week I

It shows; we took down the decorations at the little house, a thursday night crop, a shopping trip to Kingston & we had a skip delivered to start clearing Mum & Dads.

Week 2
It was the lovely Jo's, big birthday at the crop, so of course, she had to be my photo of the day; I got to meet up with my friend Michelanne and her gorgeous little man Jimmy; also, here is a picture of my new iphone case from Cath Kidston (oohh its so pretty)  and oh and we tried to do boiled eggs like Heston makes LOL.

Week 3
The main one is of my friend Emma, who invited myself and a couple of friends for lunch to her place; I also met up with another friend for coffee this week & we spent a lovely weekend at the little house - I had to capture, this photo of the boy who is looking for boats going past the back garden! ... he's such a nosey so and so, I'm sure one day, I'll hear a splash and have to send Simon in to fish him out. LOL. 

Something I have noticed ... I do tend to go out for coffee rather a lot LOL.

I have been creating, so I'll take some photos and show you next.  Please don't think I've fallen off the end of the earth ... I am still here, and yes, still feeling positive about this year.