28 days!!!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011
oh my word .... it can't be! yup, it has, it's been 28 days since I last posted .... tut, tut - I will now go and stand in the corner and hang my head in shame.

To be honest, I have no idea why I haven't blogged, it's not like I've not had lots to share with you all - firstly, I had a birthday, so I'm now 23 ..... yes, if you read my blog, you'll now be thinking .. hey, hasn't she been married for 23 years!, and the answer is yes ... it's funny how that has happened, but it has - so there lol.

And well for my birthday, my lovely hubby took me to Buckingham Palace to see Kates dress. I can not tell you how excitied I was - and I sure wasn't dissapointed, ohhh it is so very, very beautiful.  Sadly, you weren't allowed to take photos inside, in fact they made me put my camera in a bag.  Still, I really enjoyed my day.  I've also attended a couple of crops, and got to spend a day at the little house.  Something we've not been able to do for a while ... so all in all, its been an ok month so far.

Something I also do as soon as my birthday is finished, is start getting ready with all my Christmas bits. So out comes the lists and the box of christmas crafts, but I'll share that with you on another post.

As you may have noticed I've been playing at updating my blog too, I hope you like it, I still have some bits to change and add, but I think I like it:).  I even had a go at changing the shop blog - no stopping me now. 

Anyway, I'll leave you with me looking as pleased as punch ... I get to see the dress, and I have a starbucks coffee .... life is goooood :)

Thanks for stopping by, and not forgetting me :)