Tuesday, 16 February 2010

I Love it!

Well this weekend it was too horrid to go out as planned, so Simon very sweetly and kindly offered to help sort out my stock room.  With more and more stock all the time, I'd been thinking about moving things around - and as only MIL stays every couple of months or so, sometimes not even that - it did seem silly to have the main focus of the room a bed.  So we took that out and moved all my shelves around and even got a lovely new filing cabinet to store things in .... sad how I find a filing cabinet exciting these days LOL.  Anyway,  one of the things I needed was a notice board.  Well I'd had some wadding hanging around for ages, and I always have material to hand - so off came the picture on the wall, that I didn't like - and on went the wadding and fabric.  I even had the upholstery pins for ages - and very quickly this fabulous notice board came to life.  I'm so pleased with it - and Simon even hung the heart that came off the card he bought me for valentines day over it :) 

Ok, now to sorting out the rest of the room!

Friday, 5 February 2010

I can find them now!

Well what on earth happened?? In my last post I was bursting with pride that I had been a good blogger - and then what .... nothing!  Well I've given myself a good talking too - and my friend Hazel (oh dear if she reads the word friend I might never hear the last of it LOL) has nagged me.  So I'm back on the blogging trail again.

I had been looking for a way to store my clear stamps, so that I could find them easily.  At first I had them in a clear A4 wallet - but to be honest, that just wasn't working for me.  I really need to see them in front of me and then it gives me the push I need.  Anyway, I found this box while clearing out my craft room, and did a quick make-over on it, using off cuts and all the lovely embellishments that I'd found in my clear up :)  I then sorted out my stamps into categories ... yes, I am that sad!  And stamped labels on the top of each acetate sheet. 

Now I really have no excuse :)