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Party Invites

Tuesday, 23 November 2010
I'm a fan of gadgets ... that's well known.  So I really enjoyed making the invitations for a family party that we're having at our little house.  It's partly to celebrate Christmas, and partly to celebrate the house being loved again.  Anyway, these invitations were cut from a download from SVG cuts and have been sent out to family groups rather than individuals ... which may actually mean that we've got a little over 40 people coming!!!  I'll panic nearer the time as to how we'll get everyone in LOL.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making these - mind you these were the 2nd try - the first lot my mother in law didn't feel were christmassy enough - she likes traditional colours and wanted holly leaves, so now that I know how to fill a page with the same cut, which means I have so many holly leaves that I can do the invitations all over again .. and again ... and again.

Pirate Layouts

Monday, 1 November 2010
Each year Queenborough has a Pirates Day, and as this year it was our first at the little house - I just had such fun scrapping the memory.  We had a little b-b-q for the day, and being lucky enough to live right on the creek - we had the enjoyment of watching the show from our back garden.

I can't wait for next years, as we're going to make sure we all dress up too ... and have a Pirate theme party on that day, I've already started stocking up on all pirate theme things I see.

Too many blue smarties

Thursday, 28 October 2010
Honestly, that's how I feel, like a child that has eaten way too many blue smarties! For those of you that know me well, know my passion for Christmas .... I don't really do Halloween. Although I love seeing though how others celebrate it, but it's just not something I've ever done. But Christmas, well that's another matter! For me, I just can't get enough of it. We have 4 large trees each year to decorate and every room - and I mean every room gets decorated!! Part of the build up is magazines, books and of course lists - sitting down with my idea books around me, thinking and planning what this year’s colour scheme is going to be, just makes me almost squeal with delight .... so today, I pulled out the hamper under the stairs that contains past magazines, books, countdowns etc and started my planning. So, I wanted to share this beautiful site with you too.
I’m also in the process on "winterizing" our home, you know switching over the summer placemats and glasses in all their pretty pink and pastel colours for all the scrummy coloured throws & cushions of winter. I am I think a true winter girl .... only downside, is clearing out the wood burner each time. Still a small price to pay when hot chocolates with marshmallows are always welcome.

I have got some craft projects to share with you soon, so I will be back sooner rather than later.

That's my boy

Thursday, 7 October 2010
ok, I've been thinking ... no comments please! But I have all these lovely crafting gadgets, which I dust regularly, but hardly ever use - so this October, I've set myself a challenge ... firstly to craft more. If I want to get my creativity back, I need to get my act together! And secondly ... I'm going to use a piece of my gadgetry each week. This week was the turn of my Silhouette .. yup, got one of those too LOL.

Well it's been lying dormant for some time now, and recently I "re-found" it ... and I'm loving it - really loving it. In fact I'm constantly downloading images and checking out their blog for inspiration.

Well I used a title download for this layout of my boy .. Eddie. These photos of him, are just what he's like every single day! The boy is totally obsessed with his toys ... but then aren't most boys LOL.

The shock of it!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010
I know ... and you were thinking, she's forgotten how to blog!
Well to be honest, you're not really that wrong! Although I think it's been a lack of my creativity that's been holding me back - I have done a few layouts and a few cards, but they just haven't "clicked” and I can see in the not too distant future they’ll be taken apart and re-done.

Anyway, something I have been wanting to do for sometime now, is crochet … I bought a magazine at the beginning of the year, and said that this was the year I would learn – but for some reason, it just hasn’t clicked with me. So on a recent shopping trip in Dorking, I came across the most beautiful shop …. The Fluff-a-torium. Such a great name, for such an amazing shop! She teaches felt making, crochet, and knitting, oh it’s just gorgeous. Anyway, while chatting to her in the shop, she said she had one place left on her beginners class, so I quickly snapped it up – and today was the day! Well, I had a fabulous time – everyone was great, lovely people to chat too, and the teacher was so good. At first it just wasn’t working for me, then all of a sudden, it was like a bulb had been switched on LOL. Ok, I’m not saying it’s all falling into place, but it certainly is something I’ll keep working at … anyway, here is the start of it – I’ll let you know how it gets on.

As for my creativity ... well, I think I just need to sit at my craft desk and get on with it - hopefully, soon something will click in place, with that too.

It's returned home

Friday, 13 August 2010
I've been meaning to photograph this for a few weeks now, but my beautiful cj has come home - and I'd like to say a HUGE, HUGE, thank you to the Gotta Chat ladies over on UKS, for making this, one of the most beautiful cj's I own.  Its always fun working on a cj - I love seeing other peoples work, and more so when they're friends.

I called this one "Milk and 2 Sugars" and now, being a true Starbucks girl, I actually based it on, if I visited my friends, where would we go for a coffee ... and it actually NOT being a coffee chain shop!

Anyway, again a big thank you to you all - and Claire, thank you for hosting :)

so here's to the next cj ... yup, I'm up for another LOL.

Front cover ... Milk & 2 Sugars

My Entry
Then Helens
Next was Denise's
Dare I say ... Hazel's (LOL) ... yes, she does say she'll take me to Help the Aged LOL.
Kirsty's ... and there is our Kirsty, herself :)
Jo's came next
followed by Fi's
then Claire's
And finally Clare

Our Anniversary

Friday, 30 July 2010
aawww, it's our 22nd Anniversary today :) ... how did I get to be so lucky?  And I know we all think our husbands are the best in the world! But I'm a very very lucky girl, he really is my Mr Wonderful. 

Simon bought me the most beautiful flowers today, and even saved the bag, so that I could take them away with me to Sheppey for the weekend to enjoy LOL.

Now my only question is ... how can I be married for 22 years, when I'm only 23 years old!  Very strange LOL.

Now I did also say, I'd share some of the amazing blogs I've found recently .... well, here is the first of many - oh, I've so got to try the receipe cards .... so do check out My Sweet Savannah Blogspot - she's one creative lady :)

A New Adventure

Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Not that it's good enough really, but I do have an excuse for being a bad blogger recently and not keeping up with my blog reading & commenting much either ... although that, I'm now trying to catch up with :)  But in my defence, we've been pretty busy recently - you see, we've taken over Simon's grandmothers old house.  Sadly, Nan passed away a couple of years ago, at the most amazing age of 101 ... and she was and still is in my eyes, one of the most incredible women that I had the privilege to know. 

Anyway that aside, the house is just perfect .... it's a tiny, tiny house in Kent, right on the edge of the sea, and the creek flows right up past the edge of the back garden - I've lost hours watching the tide come in or out and the boats go by.  So yes, because of that, I am aware that it's likely to flood, so with that in mind - I'm having the time of my life thinking of ways to decorate it cheaply and in the perfect shabby chic style. 

It's not all been sunny days though - the house was just how Nan left it when she went into the home, more than 5 years ago ... although, certainly more spiders have taken residence in that time!  But we've had a good month now of clearing it of all furniture, clothes and knick knacks and as you can imagine that is taking some time.  Still, it's not a big rush and we're spending our weekends there anyway, so it's half the fun.  Anyway, here is a layout I did of the day we got the keys ... yup, I couldn't have been happier. 

So this blog, will now be a combination of craft related projects and also house makeovers ... I tell you, the blogs I've found recently for interiors ... wow, they'll blow your mind!  So, be prepared, I'll be sharing those too with you now :)

Shocking ... but I actually achieved something at a crop!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010
Actually, I achieved more than just something ... I did 3 whole layouts at the last crop! I know, it shocked me too.
I love our Cheam crop - at the Thursday one, I really now don't even bother taking my scrapping bag, after all - I'm really the chief tea/coffee maker and well, I'm the entertainment I think LOL. But when its the Satruday crop, well then I really think I should do more, plus it is a full day - so I really feel I need to do something! (other than go to Starbucks).   Anyway, at our last Saturday crop, I was seated next to Emma (yes, I know, no surprise) and we set ourselves a challenge to see who'd do more! Well we both did 2 layouts at the crop, and then I cheated and did another one at home that night, which I'll share with you later this week.

We also had a height measuring contest ... and lets just say, I'm thinking Emma may have paid a lot of money for them all to say she was taller than me! LOL

In the layout, the photos are from Cafe Rouge, where Simon and I sometimes go for breakfast on a Sunday morning ... it's lovely, so relaxing and the feeling of being pampered as someone brings you strawberries with honey on brioche .. well, that's the life, better still ... no washing up.

Finishing Touches

Sunday, 6 June 2010
To those of you that know me, I'm known for not doing an awful lot at crops, other than chatting, that is! so a challenge was set at the last crop - we had to do 2 layouts over the bank holiday weekend, which I'm pleased to say I completed, I also managed to put the finishing touches to several that had been sitting on my craft desk for the past few weeks .. ok, few months - so here they are, a few layouts I'd like to share with you.  The layouts I actually started from scratch, I can't yet share with you - they're to go with the next kit, but I'll share those with you soon.

Also I'm sorry for not being such a good blogger, I will try harder in future ... honest, I will! 

Oh and yes, I really do make "I love you" toast for Simon each morning LOL.

Finally a layout!

Sunday, 9 May 2010
Although I haven't put any layouts on my blog recently, doesn't mean I've been slacking!  The cyber crop over on UKS recently, really got me back in the scrapping mood - and following on from that, I worked on this layout of my sister in law and her horse Christina.  My SIL, is just the most amazing dressage rider - yes I know I'm biased, she's my sister in law after all, so what would you expect!  But honest, but really she is just amazing.

What an amazing Garden Centre

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
Having Simon at home on holiday last week, was just wonderful. Not only were we really lucky with the weather, but we just went to some of the most fabulous places ... craft shopping included, I even managed to sneak in a visit to a quilt shop.   But, one of the place we visited, that really was a highlight, was an amazing garden centre that we've often being meaning to visit, but so far have never got around to ... and oh my, was it worth it!  It had some amazing plants, but the real WOW factor were all the knick knacks that were on sale ... oohhh and the coffee shop ... AMAZING.  Honestly, I took so many photos of the place, you'd think I really was on holiday in some overseas country LOL.  Anyway, here are a few to share with you - but if you ever get the chance, do visit Petersham Nurseries, it's well worth the visit.

I'm saying sorry now, for all the photos ... but trust me, I did edit them and thin them out for you all, believe me, I took a whole lot more than this. LOL

And finally the amazing coffee shop, complete with cakes of course!

Now that's a gadget!

Sunday, 25 April 2010
Ok, I'll hold my hand up, I'll admit it, I'm a gadget girl.  I always say it's my husband that is obsessed with gadgets, but when it comes to crafting, I'm just as bad.  And this latest one, well, it's just perfect.... and even better, I can use it on my other favourite gadget.    It's from Bazzill, and it's an app for my iphone - it's so cool, really it is.  You can choose from one of your photos already taken, or take a new photo and then off you go ... match your Bazzill!! I love it .. ok, it's not the same and the touchy feely bit of picking Bazzil, but it sure is clever.

This weekend, I've been having a wonderful time over on UK Scrappers with their cyber crop, I've not done anywhere near as some have, but those classes, I have taken have been so much fun - I'm sure I'll add elements into future layouts, that's for sure.


Wednesday, 14 April 2010
Sometimes, I think my head will explode, with all the ideas that are rattling around in it.  At the moment, patchwork and quilting are my obsession - I can't seem to get enough of quilting books, magazines or looking at  different sewing sites.  And I keep printing out my next project (which is actually going to be this Amy Butler quilt ... I think!) - but really, I do need to get on and finish the one I'm working on!  So here is my desk this Wednesday. I'm very lucky to have my own craft room, which means my sewing machine is always out (and so is fabric) and it's on a small table which I keep just for sewing, which is very lucky for me, as I can flit from sewing this jelly roll quilt to playing with paper.  OOhhh someone help me, my head is just swimming with crafting plans!

Practice ... Practice and more Practice

Wednesday, 7 April 2010
I've been playing more with my Promarkers and found a fabulous blog, Card Oasis that had a really helpful tutorial on it .. thank you Sarah, my gosh, she's just so talented.

Anyway, I have a few birthdays coming up, and just for a change rather than scrambling around at the last minute, looking for a card, I thought, I know what, I'll be super organised  ... ok, no laughing!

I've had these stamps a while now, in fact I think I bought them at last years NEC, and the paper was a free gift in a craft magazine, so all in all, I'm really pleased I've used up some of my older stash.  Anyway, I know I still need to practice my technique, but have to say, I'm just loving my Promarkers, in fact I feel a little shopping trip coming on, I mean, I was good at using up older stash ... so maybe just a few Promarkers LOL.

Not April Fools Joke

Monday, 5 April 2010
It was one of those moments, when you think, surely this has to be a April Fools joke, but sadly no it wasn't.  The doctor, in fact two doctors said I had Chicken Pox.  Its, so not fair!  Still armed with tablets that I'm sure are the size you'd give a horse, I'm determined this isn't going to hang around too long.  For goodness sakes I can't stay in for more than one day normally LOL.  Still it is giving me the opportunity to craft. 

Some friends .. well, I call them friends were trying to get Simon to take a photo of me for a giggle, well that's not going to happen.  So instead I've scrapped my tablets, that I can cope with when looking back on the memory of this Easter, but I really don't need to relive the spots LOL. 

Happy Easter to you all ... and yippeeeee I can eat chocolate again now :)


Wednesday, 31 March 2010
Shocking, I know but finally I'm going to upload something to my blog - so how do I do that again! LOL.  It's dreadful as I get so carried away at reading everyones wonderful blogs that I never really do anything on here - still, after a bit of nagging by certain people! I thought I'd do something a little easy to get me back into uploading and I've taken a photo of my desk for WOYWW.  Which again is another challenge that I love seeing what people do, but do I ever get my act together to do it ...oohhh no! LOL

Anyway, I've been playing with Promarkers as I never seem to get the same results as I see how others do, so I think more practice is needed from me - which hey, I'm not going to complain about.  I got the stamp you can see from Dies to Die For - not my normal type of stamp, but the image does make me giggle, and I thought it would be good for colouring in, plus I can add it to a few different type of cards.

Right back to my promarkers :)

I Love it!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010
Well this weekend it was too horrid to go out as planned, so Simon very sweetly and kindly offered to help sort out my stock room.  With more and more stock all the time, I'd been thinking about moving things around - and as only MIL stays every couple of months or so, sometimes not even that - it did seem silly to have the main focus of the room a bed.  So we took that out and moved all my shelves around and even got a lovely new filing cabinet to store things in .... sad how I find a filing cabinet exciting these days LOL.  Anyway,  one of the things I needed was a notice board.  Well I'd had some wadding hanging around for ages, and I always have material to hand - so off came the picture on the wall, that I didn't like - and on went the wadding and fabric.  I even had the upholstery pins for ages - and very quickly this fabulous notice board came to life.  I'm so pleased with it - and Simon even hung the heart that came off the card he bought me for valentines day over it :) 

Ok, now to sorting out the rest of the room!

I can find them now!

Friday, 5 February 2010
Well what on earth happened?? In my last post I was bursting with pride that I had been a good blogger - and then what .... nothing!  Well I've given myself a good talking too - and my friend Hazel (oh dear if she reads the word friend I might never hear the last of it LOL) has nagged me.  So I'm back on the blogging trail again.

I had been looking for a way to store my clear stamps, so that I could find them easily.  At first I had them in a clear A4 wallet - but to be honest, that just wasn't working for me.  I really need to see them in front of me and then it gives me the push I need.  Anyway, I found this box while clearing out my craft room, and did a quick make-over on it, using off cuts and all the lovely embellishments that I'd found in my clear up :)  I then sorted out my stamps into categories ... yes, I am that sad!  And stamped labels on the top of each acetate sheet. 

Now I really have no excuse :)

It's working ....

Wednesday, 13 January 2010
I have to say, I set this blog up to help me get more creative, and I have to say it's working.  Believe me, I'm not knocking it that's for sure - I think I've probably scrapped more in the past week than I did for most of last year!  Long may it continue, that's what I say.  

Anyway, I did an entry for the house challenge over on UKS - which again, is so not like me.  I never enter any of the challenges, but couldn't resist.  Basically it's going to be a year on a theme, "about you" - And January, was about the goals and changes you want to make - of course mine, is create more, so as a thank my new blog LOL ... I did this layout :)